Billion Dollar Princess: 15 Stephanie McMahon Pictures That Are Hot AF

In this article, we pay homage to Stephanie’s magnificent beauty.

It's mind blowing to think that the Billion Dollar Princess is set to turn 41 this upcoming September, and despite being in her 40s, McMahon still looks stunning and most would agree, she’s simply hot AF. Along with working countless hours with the WWE as a talent and Chief Ambassador, Stephanie travels with Triple H on a bus, which makes her way of life a little easier. Along with that, she still manages to workout on the regular enduring midnight workouts alongside her trainer and hubby Triple H once the children are put to bed. Her stunning beauty takes a lot of work, and thanks to social media accounts like Instagram we’ve been able to see how much it takes. If you’re not motivated by her way of life, check your pulse!

In this article, we pay homage to Stephanie’s magnificent beauty. Pictures featured in this piece vary from candid photos, to Stephanie inside of the squared circle, to Stephanie stealing our hearts with some of the most stunning tightly fitted dresses. If you don’t think she’s hot AF after these photos, you probably never will.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend and join the conversation via Facebook. Here are 15 Stephanie McMahon pictures that are hot AF, let’s begin!

15 ESPY Outfit


Judging by Steph’s ESPY outfits in the last couple of years, surely, we hope she attends the event more often. In this throwback picture, McMahon is looking absolutely stunning in her tightly fitted black dress which is quite revealing in terms of cleavage. Seeing “the puppies” is a rare sight nowadays, especially on WWE TV with the new PG label. It was a breath of fresh air seeing Stephanie rock such an outfit outside of the company. She would continue to look fabulous at the event the next year, rocking another fantastic dress but we’ll take a look at that a little later.

The picture shows a spicy side of Stephanie and we can all admit Hunter’s a lucky guy to have such a woman for various reasons!

14 Candid Beauty


With the matching black boots and black jacket, this is another stunning shot of Stephanie looking hot AF. The tightly fitted dress certainly puts the cherry on top as Stephanie is notorious for rocking such dresses while showing off her tremendous curves.

The picture was taken in the WWE’s second home of New York city, Steph is shown to be in good spirits signing an autograph for a fan. Although she plays the role of a villainous heel on-screen, she’s the exact opposite away from the camera being one of the most likeable faces in the company. Those requirements are especially needed given her new title as the Chief Branding Officer of the company. You can’t have any ill will when working such a position.

13 She Trains


Some are natural beauties that really don’t need to train, Stephanie falls under that category but that hasn’t stopped her from getting a sweat on various times during the week. Stephanie isn’t an in-ring talent but she makes staying in shape a priority, getting in midnight workouts with her husband once the kids are put to bed. You have to admire such a work ethic.

Rarely has Stephanie ever taken any bikini shots, however, this shoot was the exception as Stephanie took some photos alongside her husband Triple H and trainer Joe DeFranco while rocking some short shorts and a bikini top. The pictures were a rarity, and the fans finally got a glimpse at Stephanie’s physique while wearing minimal clothing. It was yet another example of why the Billion Dollar Princess is without a doubt, hot AF.

12 Candid Booty


When looking at the WWE’s roster of females, it’s quite evident that most of them have been eating their fair share of Booty O cereal. Stephanie is no exception to that, and this candid photo proves it dramatically as her behind looks pretty darn hot AF in that tight red dress. We assume Seth Rollins who’s standing in the back took a quick look when nobody was watching.

Of course, these types of pics are the norm nowadays with social media catching every little thing. Heck the likes of Sasha Banks and Nikki Bella have their own Twitter accounts dedicated to their booty’s. I think we can all agree, with such pictures, Stephanie needs one as well ASAP! A guy by the name of Paul Levesque would beg to differ however...

11 Natural Selfie


Alongside her lovely canine, this picture proves exactly why the Billion Dollar Princess is hot AF. Wearing no makeup and looking absolutely natural, Stephanie looks stunning while wearing a regular hoodie. It just goes to show that no matter what she wears or does, she looks fantastic. Her natural beauty is truly something to behold.

Outside of the ring, Stephanie lives a crazy lifestyle that involves taking care of three children, working at the head office, and appearing backstage for shows. Following this past WrestleMania, Stephanie was finally given a break as she was written off for the time being falling threw a table. The spot was done to give Stephanie a much needed break, something she hasn’t had in quite some time.

10 Super Bowl Party


Surrounded by a bunch of dudes, including her husband Triple H, Stephanie looks glowing in this photo. Wearing a revealing black dress along with a black leather coat, Stephanie looks like the total package. Hunter, you’re one lucky son of a gun!

The picture was taken during a Super Bowl party. As you can imagine Stephanie does a lot of moving around promoting the business through different avenues. Despite her hectic schedule, this picture clearly demonstrates that Stephanie is still, in the words of Mick Foley, “the girl with the shy smile”. This picture clearly justifies that statement as she looks on with a glowing face, one that even makes Triple H himself have a little chuckle. Once again, damn you Paul...damn you.

9 More Hot AF Candids


A candid picture has lots of significance when it comes to a woman’s beauty. When it comes to Stephanie, it seems like she looks even hotter, somehow, someway, when taking pictures of the candid nature. This sneaky photo was taken a couple of years back during a Floyd Mayweather fight. This time, Hunter wasn’t accompanying his boy down to the ring, but he was however ringside along with his stunning wife.

Once again, Stephanie looks like a Tye Dillinger type of 10! She rocks the tight dresses to perfection and this candid shot is yet another example of that. When you work as hard as you do getting into shape, you have every right to show off those hypnotic toned legs. Once again, damn you Hunter and get off your damn phone!

8 WrestleMania 33 Attire


One thing you can guarantee at every WrestleMania nowadays is an epic entrance by The Game, accompanied by his stunning wife, Stephanie. This year was no exception as Hunter arguably had the entrance of the night riding onto the stage with a motorcycle. For the average fan it was a surreal sight, but some like Stone Cold Steve Austin took exception to the entrance claiming it took way too much off of Seth Rollins. Nonetheless, the entrance was truly something to behold and at the end of the day, it was Hunter’s wife that really stole the show.

Looking like a rich biker chick, Stephanie stole out hearts covered in chains and rocking a Triple H top. Her makeup and hair was also perfectly done, and at some points during the entrance, it blew perfectly in the wind. It was just another WrestleMania outfit that made McMahon look hot AF.

7 Throwback WM Attire


We needed to include a throwback shot in this article to prove that Stephanie has been hot AF for quite some time now. We used a throwback picture from WrestleMania X-8 to validate our statement that not only has she been hot for ages now, but she’s also looked constantly hot AF at the big event over the years.

To put things into perspective, this picture was taken more than 15 years prior to the previous picture. Some would even argue that she looks better today, but nonetheless, there’s no denying her incredible beauty which is shown in this photo as she rocks the stunning jumper. In a weird twist, Triple H was the babyface, while Stephanie managed the heel Chris Jericho during the WM main event. Triple H not only won the title in the main event, but he got the real prize at the end of the night taking Stephanie back home!

6 Watching Her Man

I think most men can agree, we all aspire to find someone that looks at us like Stephanie’s looking at Triple H. The couple has been married since 2003, and over a decade later, the duo still seems to be madly in love. This picture clearly justifies that as Stephanie keeps a close eye on her husband before his Royal Rumble return. The night was quite significant for The Game as it marked a milestone 14th time World Title reign.

In the caption, Stephanie wrote, “damn, my man is sexy!!” yes Paul is quite good looking also, but the true beauty in this shot is Stephanie. Wearing a fantastic red dress, Stephanie once again steals the show in the picture, while revealing her lovely leg tone. Not hard to get motivated when your wife looks like that!

5 Stop The Bus

With technology trending upwards, the influence of social media is huge when it comes to the WWE product. With such an outreach globally through various social media platforms, the company no longer makes the ratings war such a vocal point. Along with so many others, Stephanie has taken to Instagram giving us a behind the scenes glimpse on her real-life outside of her character. She posts anything from motivating quotes, to midnight workouts, to some stunning pictures of herself.

Her 1.5 million followers probably started to breathe a little heavier at the sight of this candid shot. Liked by nearly 50 K fans, the photo shows Stephanie getting off the bus with her husband landing at the Citrus Bowl. Hunter and Stephanie usually tour on their fantastic bus, which also sometimes includes their children as well. According to Roman Reigns, Hunter spends lots of time dealing with business inside of the state of the art bus. His time on the bus must move a lot quicker when his beautiful wife is on hand. Once again, this is another example of why she’s hot AF!

4 Red Dress Throwback


We decided to add another throwback featuring Stephanie and this stunning red dress. We like to criticize Vince Russo for a lot of bad ideas, but this one, was probably one of his best decisions deciding to convince Stephanie to make the jump on screen back in the late 90s. The idea paid off immensely, and Stephanie would go on to become one of the most hated villainous heels of the 2000s.

She was a villain throughout most of her run, but she did have a rare point when she was actually considered a babyface while running SmackDown. Fans took a liking to her and that was only added on to because of her proactive ways and revealing attires. It was a time that showed a different side of Steph, and one we can all agree was hot AF!

3 On Her Throne

This is a powerful picture of Stephanie laying on top of a throne looking like an absolute boss and Queen if you must. McMahon posted the picture on Twitter acknowledging Serena Williams for being named the Sportsperson of the Year. Being an empowered female, Stephanie has joined the movement in promoting women’s rights as equals to men.

Looking at her social media accounts of Instagram and Twitter, Stephanie is clearly passionate about promoting women in power movements. Although AJ Lee begs to differ, Stephanie’s actions speak for themselves as the women are now a major point of both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live (heck even NXT for that matter). She’s backed up her words and you can expect that to continue as she increases her power within the company as the years move along.

2 At The ESPYS


We mentioned it earlier in the article, there’s just something about the ESPYS and Stephanie that tend to mesh in quite well together. Judging by her past outfits, we hope she continues on getting invited to the annual event. With recent budget cuts, we might assume the guest list will also be cut down by the sports network (cheap shot).

When it comes to dressing up for a big event, Stephanie McMahon somehow always comes out stealing the show. Whether it be a tightly fitted dress, or one that rocks a serious amount of cleavage, Steph always manages to grab our attention. This is just another picture that proves that as the amount of cleavage seems to be quite hypnotizing. I think we can all agree, the picture solidifies her hotness.

1 That Blue Dress


Even the two little boys on the left appeared to be stunned at the sight of Stephanie as she rocked this skin tight blue dress. This dress went viral online as fans were drooling at the attire that showed off Steph’s curves in all the right places.

The picture clearly demonstrates that Stephanie doesn’t need to show off cleavage in order to look hot AF. Her curves steal the show in this picture as it clearly shows she’s been working quite hard for her gains downstairs in her basement while working out with her husband and trainer. If you’ve watched her training, you’re well aware that Stephanie isn’t afraid to sweat and push heavy. The photo clearly justifies that has her “lower lower back” looks quite phenomenal.

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Billion Dollar Princess: 15 Stephanie McMahon Pictures That Are Hot AF