Former WWE Superstar Claims To Have Witnessed A Murder

Former WWE Superstar Billy Jack Haynes opens up about witnessing a murder while employed by WWE and working a part-time job in security.

William Albert Haynes III, better known as former WWE wrestler, Billy Jack Haynes, claims to have witnessed the murder of two boys in Alexander, Arkansas.

The case involves two boys - Kevin Ives and Don Henry - who were murdered in 1987 and then placed on railroad tracks so that their bodies would also be run over by a train. The case was never solved, no one was ever arrested and it had come to be known to locals as the "Boys on the Tracks" case.


Haynes wrestled in the WWE from 1986 to 1988 and has claimed in the past that he was also trafficking cocaine while wrestling for the promotion. In a video released by Haynes he claims that he witnessed the murders while providing security for a corrupt politician during a drug transaction. As he states in the video:

"While conducting security for the drug money drop, I witnessed the murders of two young boys: Kevin Ives and Don Henry... They were murdered by other individuals who were working for the same criminal politician. Their bodies were placed on the railroad tracks to be mutilated by a passing train."

After decades of living with the guilt of what he had witnessed, Haynes says that a couple years ago he contacted Larry and Linda Ives (the parents of Kevin Ives) and told them what he knew. They then connected with a private investigator, Keith Rounsavall and the video that Haynes released is a full confession of what he witnessed and an attempt to raise money - through a Go Fund Me campaign - to help continue the investigation:

Haynes has been known to tell some pretty wild stories in the past and has also been involved in suing the WWE in relation to head trauma. He also claims that he suffered from depression and showed signs of dementia but does say that Haynes is not listed as having worked for the WWE live events for the night in question. He also worked a couple nights later at a TV taping in San Fransisco. So, at least on that front, the story holds up.


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Former WWE Superstar Claims To Have Witnessed A Murder