10 Bizarre Reasons Fans Had For Hating Wrestlers

Wrestling factions can be a fickle bunch, with fans being incredibly opinionated, yet equally passionate, with fans knowing exactly what they want to see and why, and they aren't shy of making their feelings known. Fans getting behind a wrestler in a major way, either as a heel or as a babyface can really affect whether they gain a push or not, which is why it is important for wrestlers to gain a connection with the audience.

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This is why when the fans suddenly change their opinions for a seemingly random reason, it can have a massive impact on a wrestler. Within this list, we will take a look at 10 bizarre reasons that fans decided to hate a wrestler.

10 Caring About The Environment (Daniel Bryan)

Daniel Bryan is enjoying one of the best heel runs of his career right now, but it did all kickstart from a very strange reason, with Bryan pushing to become WWE Champion again, feuding with AJ Styles.

Bryan took a few shortcuts, but the fans would likely have forgiven him for that due to his popularity. However, when Bryan started cutting promos about the environment and the carbon footprint the fans quickly turned on him. That's right, the WWE Universe began hating Bryan, who is one of the greatest babyfaces of the modern era, simply because he is passionate about climate change and trying to save the Earth.

9 Die Rocky Die (Rocky Maivia)

If you didn't follow his entire wrestling career, you could be forgiven for thinking that The Rock was always an incredibly popular wrestler, but the fact is when he first debuted the wrestling fans absolutely hated him.

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Rocky Maivia was the ultimate babyface who would hit the ring with plenty of smiles and enthusiasm as a young upcoming wrestler, and he certainly showed plenty of potential within his work as well. However, for no real reason, the fans just hated on him, with Die Rocky Die signs being commonplace, showing just how much people disliked him, with WWE being forced to change things up to save his career.

8 Hulkamania Has Run Cold (Hulk Hogan)

For years, Hulk Hogan was the perfect babyface, telling fans to eat their vitamins and say their prayers, but after so long on top of the sport, the wrestling world began to get a little tired of the red and yellow gimmick.

This was never more evident than when he made the switch to WCW, where he stopped getting the major reactions that everyone was used to, which certainly concerned WCW officials who had high hopes for the Hulkster. However, the fans' decision to start turning on Hogan led to an incredible heel turn and some of Hogan's greatest work as he embraced the dark side and helped to form nWo.

7 Pushed Too Hard, Too Fast (Roman Reigns)

The Big Dog, Roman Reigns was a fan favorite at one point in his WWE career, breaking down the doors alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose with The Shield, it seemed like Roman was set for a huge career. When the trio split, it was clear that the company had big plans for him and he started getting put in major opportunities, which is when the fans started to turn on him, with the major moment coming at the 2015 Royal Rumble.

The fans wanted Daniel Bryan to win (for the second year in a row) but instead got Reigns, and not even an appearance from The Rock was able to save him, and he has continued to get boos ever since.

6 Bluetista (Batista)

Whenever a wrestling legend makes their return, the WWE Universe is normally incredibly happy and excited about it, especially when you are a main event star-like Batista was during his full-time runs.

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However, during his 2014 return, the WWE Universe totally turned on the Animal, hating everything he did without even giving him a chance, mainly because they wanted to see Daniel Bryan gain the push he was getting. Fans hated on Batista, mocking him for his in-ring work or chanting about his ring gear color, finding any way possible to mock him and get under his skin during matches or segments.

5 O'Canada (Bret Hart)

Bret Hart has been a firm fan favorite for the vast majority of his time in wrestling, however, there was a spell of time when American fans really detested the Hitman, refusing to cheer him no matter what. The reason that wrestling fans turned on Bret Hart was seemingly that he was a proud Canadian, often bringing the flag to the ring, which didn't really seem like a bad thing, but WWE fans certainly did.

Eventually, WWE just decided to run with it and have Hart turn, embracing his Canadian background, but the idea that fans hated him simply for being proud of his home nation was a strange one.

4 This Isn't UFC (Ronda Rousey)

Ronda Rousey is a prime example of how fickle wrestling fans are. The WWE Universe begged and pleaded with the company to sign her, and when she arrived it was clear that she'd put the work in to be as good as possible.

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Rousey had a solid run with WWE, earning the Raw Women's Championship and going on a fantastic run with the title, putting on fantastic matches every time she competed, regardless of her opponent. However, fans suddenly started booing the former UFC star for no reason, possibly deciding that she wasn't Becky Lynch and that was enough, which forced her to change her tactic and become a heel instead.

3 Stop Chanting His Name (CM Punk)

This is an example of how wrestling fans can quickly change their opinions and feelings on a wrestler, even when they are not around, with CM Punk now being hated by a large portion of wrestling fans no longer liking Punk. When Punk walked out on WWE fans accepted it and understood why, but as time went by and people continued to chant CM Punk's name at major moments in wrestling it started to really frustrate other people.

Some fans who never even saw Punk wrestle now can't stand him, simply because other people chanted his name so much, with Punk even admitted during his recent Starrcast appearance.

2 You Can't Wrestle (John Cena)

John Cena has always been pushed as a top babyface in WWE, regardless of whatever reactions he would get from the fans, but the huge boos and chants of "You can't wrestle" certainly couldn't be ignored when you watched him compete.

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Cena worked his way up the card and did become a genuine fan favorite with his Dr. Thuganomics gimmick, but as soon as he started to enjoy a main event push, a large majority of fans seemingly just switched. Sure, after that he was pushed too often and it was clear why fans weren't happy, but the original turn on him was seemingly very random and simply because he was enjoying some success, which is what the fans wanted for him in the first place.

1 You're Not Daniel Bryan? (Rey Mysterio)

You will struggle to find a purer babyface in the history of professional wrestling than Rey Mysterio, who has never given the fans a single reason to boo him throughout his entire wrestling career. Wearing his mask to appeal to the children, and putting on incredible action to appeal to the adults, Mysterio is someone who should never be booed, yet at the 2014 Royal Rumble, you would think Mysterio was the most hated heel in wrestling history.

The 'Master of 619' made his appearance in the match as the coveted #30 entrant but received some of the loudest boos you will ever hear in wrestling. The reason? Because he wasn't the man fans wanted to actually see, Daniel Bryan.

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