Blacklisted: 10 Men And 10 Women You'll NEVER See In The WWE Again

The WWE is a model home for the superstars who manage to find a permanent place in the company because it serves its employees really well and despite having to work almost every day of the week, you are rewarded pretty well in the company. WWE wrestlers get some good money off the product and depending on how "over" they are with the fans, they could also climb the ladder to the top and become a world-famous star as well. While the company does have its admirers, there are certain employees who didn't feel important and left the company on very bad terms.

While there have been many model employees in the company who have sacrificed a lot for the WWE and have done whatever the boss asked of them, there have been some individuals who didn't like their part in WWE and have gone on to talk real trash about the company. The following male and female individuals have said or done some controversial things, which is the reason why the company has totally blacklisted them and will never call them back for a return in the future.

The WWE is a company you wouldn't want to hold a grudge against, but these individuals did some things which won't be forgiven by their former employers.

20 Zahra Schreiber

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Zahra Schreiber may not have been well-known around the WWE universe, but she definitely became a name everyone got to know about when nude pictures of her were leaked by Seth Rollins' fiance. Rollins and Zahra had an affair which got even worse when it was discovered that she had a history of posting pro-Nazi pictures on her social media. Schreiber apparently posted a picture of a My Little Pony character dressed as Adolf Hitler and also had a Swastika symbol on her wall. WWE saw to this and immediately fired her from the company, as any mention of her has since been deleted by the company. Schreiber's case shows how wrestlers should refrain from posting controversial stuff on social media; in her case, it's so vile that she'll never return to the company.

19 Juventud Guerrera

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Juventud Guerrera was an amazing cruiserweight for WCW in the 90s as the masked luchador, but something felt off about him when he came to WWE unmasked. Guerrera was still a great wrestler and did become a good hand in the Cruiserweight division, but his tendency to defy the officials for "entertaining the masses" would be his doom. Guerrera was released by the WWE after he defied the orders of officials who prohibited him from using the 450 Splash which he had botched in a match against Paul London and fractured bones in his face. But in his match for the Cruiserweight title against Kid Kash, Guerrera would perform the move regardless and was fired by the WWE almost immediately after the incident and knowing how dangerous he is in the ring, he'll never return to the WWE.

18 Melina

Melina was a stunning diva in the WWE where she got over because of her amazing entrance as part of MNM, but her ego was quite unbearable for the other divas when she became a singles star. Melina would be too arrogant and was also made to show up in Wrestler's Court in 2006, but that didn't stop her awful behavior backstage. She was finally released by the WWE in 2011 and knowing how much tension she created in the locker room, there's no room for her in the company at this time. The Women's Revolution has created something special for women in WWE and the company definitely wouldn't bring in a heat magnet like Melina, who has been blacklisted for her awful behavior backstage and will never be brought back by the company.

17 David Hart Smith

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David Hart Smith looked like a really talented individual when he debuted alongside Tyson Kidd as part of the New Hart Foundation and the two took WWE's tag team division by storm. They were brilliant, winning the Tag Team titles, but WWE couldn't really see enough in Smith as they did in Kidd. After some time of being an expendable talent, they fired Smith but it was afterward he went on a rant revealing WWE's true colors. Smith wrote on social media about how WWE had rented his family's belongings to display at their museum and only returned it back after he begged them for the items. He also wrote about how they had the nerve to call for it back after firing him and how selfish and inconsiderate they are, as this revealing rant means the company will definitely never take him back.

16 Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie was a hot export from ECW for the WWE as she gained everyone's attention during her controversial feud with Torrie Wilson, which saw her marrying her real life dad Al Wilson and killing him (kayfabe) after too much sexual activity on their honeymoon. Marie survived as this exotic, hot diva in the WWE for a few years before she was released by the company, but she's since been blacklisted for a number of reasons. For one, she seems to be running a scam called "Wrestler's Rescue" which apparently helps pay for former pro wrestlers in need and some wrestlers have complained that they never got any money. To add to that, Marie has confessed in a shoot interview that she was having an affair with Kurt Angle back then which probably broke off his marriage and knowing his position in the WWE right now, Marie's never coming back to the company.

15 Muhammad Hassan

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Muhammad Hassan seemed like a foreign heel with extreme potential when he came to the WWE and became a heat magnet for portraying his Arabian character who hated America. He was doing really well and was in store for great things before WWE had him go through an awful segment on an episode of Smackdown. After The Undertaker defeated his ally Daivari, Hassan came down and started to "pray" on the entrance ramp after which some guys in black costumes came and beat him up and lifted him to the back. Three days later, the London Bombings took place and WWE was under intense pressure for airing something like this during that time. Hassan was the sacrificial lamb and was fired and blacklisted by the WWE forever. After he recently sued them in the class-action lawsuit for incurring brain damages, Hassan will never return to WWE.

14 Gail Kim

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Gail Kim was another wrestler who couldn't find her full potential at the WWE and despite having a stunning debut when she won the Women's Championship on her first night on RAW, she couldn't climb off that. Kim had some mediocre years in WWE where she was mainly used as a jobber to the stars. Frustrated with her position in the company, Kim violated orders and eliminated herself in a Battle Royale in 2011 and quit the company afterward. She later stated in an interview that she will never return to the company and that female talent were being held back. Fast-forward a few years as she's a multiple-time TNA Knockout's Champion and Hall of Famer, Kim also stated that she wanted to be part of the Mae Young Classic tournament. But having burnt all bridges with WWE, Kim can't really expect a return to be in store for her.

13 Raven

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Raven was one of the most unique characters in wrestling during the 90s where he excelled at ECW and WCW before going to the WWE, where his rise would come to a rude stop. Raven was a top star for WWE's "Hardcore Division" and won the title numerous times, but he failed to impress like he did elsewhere. He was reverted to become a creative writer for the WWE which he did well, until he violated WWE's "Sex Policy" and got intimate with a colleague and also made a drinking buddy in none other than Shane McMahon. These things ticked off Vince who fired Raven, but tensions boiled over when Raven unsuccessfully sued the WWE a few years after leaving. He's also part of the class-action lawsuit for incurring brain damages in the WWE and knowing his bitter relation with the company, he's never coming back in any form.

12 Jazz

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Jazz was one of the extreme female wrestlers the WWE acquired from ECW after the company died out, as they used her hard-hitting nature to good use in the first couple of years. She was given a big push after her debut when she won the Women's Championship from Trish Stratus and then went on to successfully defend it against Trish and Lita at WrestleMania X8. But things didn't go so well after she lost the belt, as the lack of storylines for her character made WWE release her and her return a few years later wasn't fruitful, either. Jazz has since been working on the Independent circuit, but she shocked many when it was announced that she was part of the mass class-action lawsuit against the WWE for incurring traumatic brain injuries in the WWE. Jazz essentially blacklisted herself in the company after suing them.

11 Josh Matthews

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Josh Matthews was actually quite the promising backstage interviewer and part-time commentator for the WWE when he was in the company, but his greed to get higher up probably is the reason he was released by the company. Matthews would later go onto join TNA after being released by WWE and he was quite bitter about his former employers and went onto made very critical comments about especially Vince McMahon. He angered many when he decided to "troll" the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this year, calling it a place where "nobody wants to be" and calling the whole thing as stupid. Matthews has waged a verbal war with WWE which won't get him anywhere, but something his bitterness assures is he's never getting to return to WWE anymore.

10 Victoria

Victoria was quite the stunning wrestler during the "Golden Age" Of Women's Wrestling as she gave stiff competition to the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita, as well as winning the Women's Championship multiple times. But she was later turned into an "eye-candy" and a diva who put others over in the company, because of which she decided to hang up her boots in WWE in 2009. But she shocked many by going to TNA later on, where she became a big part of their "Knockout's Division" and helped put it over as the top female and this really irked WWE who blacklisted her for it. Victoria said on social media how she was denied backstage access at a SmackDown live event she attended earlier this year and knowing her recent private leaks as well, she is somebody the WWE isn't keen on bringing back.

9 Colt Cabana

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Colt Cabana may be a prominent wrestler in the Independent circuit, but he failed to deliver in WWE when he was signed by the company over a decade ago. He was part of some segments on the main roster, but somehow it didn't work out for him. Cabana has since started a successful wrestling podcast and done great things, but the bitterness over WWE still remains with him. Cabana is blacklisted by the company because of how he invited CM Punk to reveal all the dirt about the company after he was fired and he was also involved in the lawsuit regarding the two parties. Cabana is somebody WWE has essentially blacklisted for helping Punk with his case against the company and because of how critical he's been and after what all he's said about the WWE, Cabana isn't returning ever again.

8 Stacy "The Kat" Carter

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Stacy Carter was hired by the WWE to perfectly fit in with their raunchy Attitude Era where she was stunning eye-candy for the audience because of her looks. Carter got really popular when she was part of the first ever incident of intentional nudity in the WWE when she flashed the audience at Armageddon in 1999. She was actually doing pretty well until she was abruptly fired by the WWE, which also saw Jerry "The King" Lawler (her then-husband) leave with her. It was stated that her negative backstage attitude was the reason for her firing as she must've been a really intolerable woman to be fired because of something like that. Carter has since never been mentioned by the WWE.

7 Rene Dupree

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Rene Dupree gained everybody's attention when he broke through in the WWE at a very young age and even became the first teenager to become a champion in WWE when he won the World Tag Team Titles with Sylvain Grenier. He was riding high as part of La Resistance in the WWE and was a terrific performer as well, but after failing to make it as a singles star and becoming a jobber to the stars, Dupree requested his own release in 2007. It seemed he was really bitter about how he was treated and recently sued the WWE over royalty payments for the content which airs on the WWE Network. A similar case was won by Jessie Ventura many years ago which cost WWE a lot of money, as the WWE is engulfed in an intense battle with Dupree who has burnt all bridges with the company.

6 Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn was the NXT rookie who properly became a Diva in the WWE as she did well in NXT to win the all-female season 3, but did even better on the main roster. Kaitlyn became Divas Champion on the main roster and was riding high until she got on the bad books of Stephanie McMahon. Apparently, she got scolded by Stephanie for interrupting her backstage one day; a few weeks after the incident, Kaitlyn dropped the Divas Championship. She later sought her own release and left the WWE and has never really been mentioned since. Steph doesn't really like her and after the terrible leak when personal photos of Kaitlyn were scattered all over the internet, the WWE definitely don't want to bring her back anytime soon.

5 Paul London

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Paul London was quite the exciting individual in the WWE when he broke through along with Brian Kendrick as this exciting tag team who took the Tag Team Division by storm. After being a valuable part of the Cruiserweight Division, London would team up with Kendrick as the two held the WWE Tag Team Championships for a record 331 days till it was surpassed by The New Day last year. But after the team broke up, London failed as a singles wrestler and was released after being a jobber to the stars for some time. He has since lashed out on WWE on multiple occasions, calling it a "horrible place to work" and being "disgusted" by Triple H. These things really didn't help his chances at a return to WWE as all it did was burn bridges even more and assure that he isn't coming back to the company ever again.

4 Sunny

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Sunny may have been the hottest diva in wrestling back in the 90s, but she has since fallen a long way into doing things which wouldn't let the WWE associate themselves with her. After excelling as a manager for WWE in the early 90s, Sunny fell off with the turn of the century but after recovering was invited back when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011. She's been a trainwreck since then, as she's been arrested multiple times and in a desperate attempt to gain fame, she even starred in an adult film last year. While the WWE has tried to keep good relations with Sunny, something like starring in an X-rated film made them blacklist her from the company, making sure that she's never returning to the company.

3 Brad Maddox

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Brad Maddox wasn't really used as a wrestler on the main roster in WWE that much, but he did a good job of whatever role he was given by the company. Be it the main roster referee or a general manager, he had the charisma to garner heat and was present in the WWE because of that. But when it came to wrestling, Maddox had a lot to improve on as he later wrestled in small-time shows and dark matches. It was during one of these dark matches that he called the audience "cocky p****s" and was immediately fired afterward because of it. To make things worse, the leaks of WWE star Paige in a compromising position with Maddox in the tapes as well. Maddox has been discarded by the WWE and after everything which transpired over the few years, we won't see him in WWE anymore.

2 Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro got off to quite the start in WWE when she won the 2005 Divas Search program and went onto be promoted to the main roster, where she had some difficulties at first. Massaro was a decent wrestler who later became a valet for Paul London and Brian Kendrick and was later more like an eye-candy. Massaro had to leave the WWE because of some personal reasons and it seemed then that she may even return in the future. But Massaro shocked many when she signed onto the mass class-action lawsuit for incurring brain damages against the WWE. She also spoke about how she was sexually assaulted in WWE's Tour of Kuwait many years ago but was told to stay silent about it. These wild accusations have definitely had her blacklisted by the WWE who will never bring her back after incurring these shocking allegations.

1 Scott Steiner

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"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner looked to be in for good times when he came back to WWE in 2002 with his impressive figure and was even pushed to the main event. But after losing out to Triple H, Steiner would be a mid-carder who fought for Stacy Keibler against Test. After he got injured, Scott was released by WWE and has been extremely angry at them ever since. Steiner has been very vocal with his criticism towards the WWE, calling gimmicks nowadays "a bunch of s**t" and also trashing the WWE for offering him a Legends Contract recently. Steiner was banned from attending WWE's Hall of Fame ceremony. His trash-talk and terrible rants towards the company have done no good to his reputation and forced WWE to keep him blacklisted from the company for life.

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