Blissed Off: 15 Photos Of Alexa Bliss She Doesn't Want You To See

In a year's time, Alexa Bliss went from being the most underwhelming WWE draft pick to the biggest female on the company's roster. The three-time Women's Champion is on a mission to prove that she belongs in the company, despite not coming from the independent scene. She's proven herself to be not just one of the most athletic females in the company, but also miles ahead of the others on the microphone. There is no female on the WWE roster that has more confidence in herself than Alexa Bliss, and that is why she is the Goddess.

Yet even the most royal of figures have pictures that they likely don't want the world to see. Alexa, like everyone else, had to discover who they really were. Much of that discovery has been documented in awkward photos that she would demand be locked in a vault. Do you really think she would want you looking at a photo of her assets 24/7? What about her awkward teenage years with braces? Little Miss Bliss demands attention whenever she walks into a room, and she will make sure she does that by whatever means necessary.

Yet everything that Alexa has been through has made her the Goddess that she is today. People like Alexa because, quite frankly, she's good (and she knows it, too). Ms. Five Feet of Fury (and soon to be Mrs. Blake Murphy) isn't afraid to verbally (or physically) put down her opponent to show everyone how talented, smart and beautiful she is. She's also not afraid to do whatever is necessary to avoid defeat, as well as photos of her desperately stuck in submissions.

Here are 15 photos of Ms. Bliss that she may not want you to see, or else she'll become Blissed Off.

15 Busted Open By Sasha Banks

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When Alexa Bliss is hardcore, she wants to be the one delivering punishment. She wants you to see her putting Becky Lynch through a table, securing her first-ever Women's Championship. She wants you to see her slamming a cane onto the backs of Bayley and Mickie James. She doesn't want you to see her with her nose busted open after a match with Sasha Banks.

When Sasha was finishing her run in NXT, she was nearly unstoppable. She wasn't afraid to do whatever it took to secure a victory. Little Miss Bliss, who was nothing more than a naive fairy at the time, took the brunt of Banks' punishment. Alexa looks nothing like the dominant Five Feet of Fury she is now. Instead, she looks inferior to The Boss.

14 Behind The Microphone

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Little Miss Bliss recently told Charly Caruso on RAW that there was a reason why Caruso was behind the microphone asking the questions while Bliss was Raw's Women's Champion. It's very clear that Alexa loves having the spotlight on her. When you're behind a microphone and supposed to ask the questions, you don't really get to have that opportunity.

Before her time in WWE, Alexa Bliss was a competitive cheerleader. She was even fortunate enough to cheer at the Division I level at the University of Akron. Yet at a world championships event, she had to step behind the microphone and interview some of the other cheerleaders. That's not fitting for someone who thrives on being the center of attention. If anything, it makes her words to Caruso a bit more ironic than Bliss would want them to be.

13 Those Awkward Teenage Years

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No one likes looking at their teenage photos. While Alexa was never bad looking at any pointinf her life, who likes going back and finding photos of them with braces? Who likes finding photos of them when their posture is stiffer than a pencil? Alexa couldn't be any older than 13 or 14 in this photo, and she's definitely in a period of transition in her life here.

Her blazer is awkwardly cuffed, and her shirt just blends in. Compared to the other women in the WWE, Alexa's choice in fashion these days is near the top of the pack. Her gear stands out, unlike her clothes here. She probably doesn't want you seeing what her fashion sense was when she was younger, or when she apparently express as much confidence. The Alexa Bliss we know today is small, but fierce. She's come a long way from this period of time.

12 Virtual Bikinis

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WWE video games have a wide array of customization abilities to create whatever you want, including alternate attires for wrestlers. Some perverts like to take the female characters, put them in bikinis and record them fighting in matches. These matches can then be found on YouTube. If Ms. Five Feet of Fury wanted you to see her in a bikini, it would likely be during her fitness modeling days when she designed her own swimsuits.

Alexa's body is obviously banging in real life. Yet this virtual model does not do her physique justice. It's also a very bland bikini, and Bliss has rocked more beautiful swimwear in the past. Did we mention that she looks better in real life (with a real bikini)? Well, she looks so much better.

11 Booty Babe

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If you really want to see Alexa's booty, you could probably do it every week on television. Fans may drool about her assets online, but Alexa demands respect. She doesn't want some people talking about her booty (or constantly gossiping about it) behind some screen or keyboard. She wants all eyes looking directly at her face as she delivers punishment in the ring and slayage on the mic.

Alexa may not have the independent wrestling experience that others have, but she's made it clear that she wants to be taken seriously in the ring. She's drop dead beautiful (and she's likely very aware of it), but she's not wrestling for your visual pleasure. Don't bliss her off and watch her just for the booty. Watch her for her Insult to Injury or her Sparkle Splash, too.

10 The Confused Gymnast

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The backflips that Ms. Five Feet of Fury can execute are a thing of beauty. Yet she wasn't always as talented in gymnastics, nor did she always have the stage presence that she does today. Here's Baby Lexi standing on a balance beam appearing to be very unsure of herself. Alexa Bliss is always sure of herself on WWE programming today.

Also, she's sharing the same exact leotard as another girl behind her. While Alexa Bliss may get inspiration from other characters for her gear, her attire is never the same as another person's. That would just take away some of the spotlight from Alexa Bliss, which is never okay. When you're as good as Alexa Bliss, you deserve all of the attention and never want to be a clone of someone else.

9 A Blissful Fairy

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When Alexa Bliss first made her on-screen NXT debut, her gimmick was essentially that of a fairy. In real life, Alexa Bliss loves glitter, so she had to blow glitter kisses to the fans. But that's also a time when Alexa Bliss was a nice girl who didn't have much success in her career. Unless you're Trish Stratus, nice girls finish last.

As NXT's resident fairy girl, Bliss just skipped around. Her ring work wasn't terrible, but her character didn't strike many fans as authentic. If anything, it was a terrible throwback to the mid-1990s. Bliss would carry on with this gimmick until she attacked Carmella and teamed up with Blake and Murphy. That's when we get to see the Blissed Off face for the first time, and that's when the Goddess truly began to establish the Little Miss Bliss character.

8 Alexa Bliss As Mickey Mouse

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A true Alexa Bliss fan knows that she finds inspiration from many popular characters for her gear, most notably Harley Quinn and Freddy Krueger. Yet Bliss, WWE's resident cosplay lover, also has a passion for Disney. Her family even took annual trips to Disneyworld. In her younger years, she dressed up as Mickey Mouse from Fantasia for Halloween. If you look closely, she also has the Mickey Mouse Fantasia doll in one of her hands.

The costume looks great, except we can't help but wonder what that is on her face. Is it face paint, or is it Sharpie? We certainly hope it's the former. The fact that we have to question what's on her face is why this is on this list. However, it would be interesting to see some Mickey Mouse-inspired ring gear from Miss Bliss.

7 Watch Out, A Kendo Stick!

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There's one place that Alexa Bliss likes to be, and that is on top. She doesn't ever want to feel threatened, whether it's in a match or in the company. When she loses her match, she doesn't even like to acknowledge that she lost. When Bayley grabbed hold of the kendo stick during their Kendo Stick on a Pole Match, Alexa knew that she was in deep trouble.

However, to make sure that history wouldn't remember her being in trouble, she outsmarted Bayley and lured her into the turnbuckle. She would then grab the cane and whack Bayley with it multiple times. As cunning as she can be, Alexa Bliss has a great sense of in-ring awareness, and she's not afraid to show it off. It's very unfortunate for those that are on the receiving side of it, however.

6 Hugs and Bliss Kisses

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In happier times, Alexa Bliss and Bayley were friends. Alexa has even said that Bayley was one of the most helpful women to her during her time in NXT. But Alexa most definitely would not want you to know that these days, especially before she defends her title against Bayley at this year's SummerSlam. Little Miss Bliss wants to tear Bayley down and reinforce that she is nothing more than a mark who's too caught up in her dream to live it.

Alexa has feuded with Bayley in the past, and they've had some alright matches (and some terrible promo segments that we are better off not acknowledging). But if their past together was to come up, it would definitely add a unique aspect to their feud.

5 Blissed Off

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Does anyone make better faces than Alexa Bliss? The answer to that is no. She's the queen of snarks, smiles and everything in between. But do you think she wants you to see her Blissed Off? Absolutely not.

Whenever Alexa doesn't get her way, she's more than likely going to make it very clear through her facial expressions. She isn't afraid to tell you you're being rude or disrespectful, either. But its her facial expressions that speak much louder than her words, and no one does it better than her. If it were up to Alexa, she would get her way all the time. She wouldn't be thrown into rematches by general managers that she didn't agree with. In a dream world, Alexa would run the world according to her rules. Sadly, that's not how the WWE works. Yet we're very entertained to see Alexa blissed off.

4 Showing Love To Fans

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There has been no better bad girl in the WWE than Alexa Bliss. It's as if she doesn't want people to like her. While she's a sweetheart outside of the ring, she doesn't showcase that side inside the ring, except for rare occasions like this.

Alexa Bliss is one fierce woman, and she often times portrays a character with a tough emotional shell. She's bitter, angry and not afraid to show off her frustration by whatever means necessary to get what she wants. Alexa's not supposed to make heart signs to the crowd like a babyface. However, when the crowd loves you regardless, it's hard not to at times. This may be something she'd share on Instagram, but not at a WWE event.

3 Eating Disorder and Cheerleading

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In high school, Alexa Bliss was a respected cheerleader and participated in national competitions. However, she also struggled with anorexia and eventually had to be removed from her cheerleading team until she received treatment. Alexa has been extremely vocal about her experiences, and that is something that many do (and should) respect her for.

Alexa would struggle with her eating disorder into college when she discovered fitness modeling. That would help lead Alexa onto a consistent road of recovery that she appears to have stayed on this day. Some people may associate this photo of high-school aged Alexa with a more depressing time of her life, including Alexa herself. While that may be a hard pill for her to swallow, she deserves to be commended for fighting such a difficult battle.

2 Losing Her Title At WrestleMania

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Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss for the WWE Women's Championship at No Mercy and injured herself during the match's finish. While that meant Naomi had to relinquish her championship, it meant that Alexa Bliss got it right back. Everyone felt that Naomi would miss out on WrestleMania, and Alexa Bliss probably got a bit too comfortable while Naomi was gone.

Naomi returned less than a week before WrestleMania ready to take back the gold. At the grandest stage of them all, she did more than just take back her title. She made Miss Bliss tap out at her first-ever WrestleMania. Losing is hard, but it's more embarrassing to lose your title at wrestling's biggest night of the year.

1 Photoshopped Nudes

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Let's get the record straight: any "nudes" that contain the face of Alexa Bliss are not real. Many of Alexa's fans want nude photos of her to leak, and to be honest, that's really creepy. It's a huge violation of one's personal privacy to look at someone's intimate photos that they didn't send to you. Regardless, fans went into a frenzy when reports surfaced regarding leaked photos featuring an allegedly nude Alexa Bliss.

None of these photos were of her.

Miss Five Feet of Fury was furious when the news broke. On Twitter, she stated she was offended by the modified photos and wanted them removed immediately. We may think Alexa is beautiful, but we don't blame her. She is an extremely talented wrestler and does not deserve to be treated as an object.

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