Blissed Off: 7 Photos Alexa Bliss Doesn't Want You To See (And 8 She Does)

Alexa's amazing looks and terrific character portrayal make her quite the asset for the WWE.

Alexa Bliss is a name which is recognized by almost every wrestling fan nowadays because of how she has grown as a top superstar in WWE's Women's Division ever since getting promoted from NXT. While she didn't exactly look like top star material in NXT, where it took some time for her to find the proper gimmick, the main roster call paid a lot of dividends for her and she quickly established herself as a nasty heel who would do anything to win.

Alexa has won both the Smackdown and Raw Women's Championship ever since being called up from the WWE Draft last year, with her amazing looks and terrific character portrayal making her quite the asset for the WWE. While she may have reached the top of WWE in the last year, Alexa has had quite the adventurous journey to get where she is and there are some pictures of her past which will embarrass her right now. While she's been part of some memorable moments which she'd want the fans to remember, she's also been part of some she'd want people to forget about.


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Alexa Bliss has reached where she is at right now in the WWE due to some real hard-work over the years, as she's not only worked hard to become a better wrestler but has made sure to make herself look absolutely gorgeous at all times as well. Bliss was always quite beautiful but seemed to up her game after turning heel after which she started to look really sexy. Her sexiness mixed well with her evil character and Alexa also managed to stand out in terms of how beautiful she was as compared to the other divas. Although she often wears make-up to make her face look even more dazzling, she's gorgeous without make-up as well, proving how naturally beautiful she is. This picture of her without makeup proves that and Bliss would want the fans to see her "real" side to discover just how attractive she really is.



Before she was the successful "wicked witch of the WWE", Alexa Bliss had to go through some terrible gimmicks in WWE which almost destroyed her career at NXT itself. She may be this terrific heel right now with one of the best gimmicks in the Division right now, but WWE didn't really know where to go with her when she initially joined them. Alexa was actually even given to try the gimmick of a spoilt country girl with The Revival's Scott Dawson at one point, with this picture proving her alliance with him at one point. They did a few promos together with that character before WWE ultimately canned the gimmick, but this remaining picture is one Bliss wouldn't want the fans to see. It shows her in a bad gimmick which she doesn't want to be recognized with, and she'd be thankful WWE didn't go through with that gimmick.



Alexa Bliss may be this sexy woman in the WWE who is known for her wrestling, but she tried doing a lot of stuff before joining the WWE, including body-building during her young-adult days. Bliss was actually a professional body-builder for some-time prior to joining the WWE and even competed in the Arnold Classic tournament as well. She had quite the stunning, rather muscular figure back then and this picture shows just how stunning she looked as a body-builder as well. It was during her time as a body-builder when she caught the attention of WWE, so she would definitely want the fans to see this part of her before joining WWE. Her short body-building career definitely helped her gain a lot of fame, and going by how stunning she used to look back then, one couldn't blame Alexa for wanting fans to see this shade of her past.



Alexa Bliss has achieved quite a lot in her short career in the WWE and despite not getting as much attention as the much acclaimed Four Horsewomen in NXT, she managed to outdo most of them on the main roster. Bliss is the current Raw Women's Championship and held gold in the WWE almost throughout her main roster career so far, with her stunning looks only helping her gain more fame. While she may be this sexy lady right now, she wasn't always this gorgeous, especially when one looks at a rather young Alexa Bliss. This picture shows her as a teenager and knowing her reputation right now, Bliss wouldn't really want the fans to see this picture and mock her for looking pretty geeky as a teenager, as Alexa is probably too embarrassed to want anyone to see this side of her past.


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Alexa Bliss initially developed her "evil lady" gimmick in NXT when she was the valet for Blake and Murphy and helped them win the NXT Tag Team Titles as well. But she really upped her game with her gimmick when she joined the main roster when she tweaked it to her character looking like Harley Quinn and her being called the "wicked witch of WWE". This became a real hit with the fans, who loved her character really well and WWE pounced on her fame by releasing a slew of merchandise for her. Her merch sales are going great, so they recently released this sweatshirt of Alexa which "The Goddess Of WWE" herself promoted on her Instagram. She looks absolutely amazing in this picture, and Alexa would want the fans to see this dazzling picture of herself and buy the merchandise to help her position in WWE.



Alexa Bliss may be one of the top women in WWE's Women's Division because of being Raw Women's Champion and almost having gold around her waist all the time, but things weren't always so good for her. The Wicked Witch of WWE didn't have it easy at all at NXT, where management was struggling to find an able gimmick for her. They decided to give her the gimmick of a character who moved around like a fairy and had a big influence on her character as well. It was because of her face looking like one, but Alexa would not really get over with the fans with this character. Bliss definitely wouldn't want anyone to remember that gimmick of her, as she wouldn't want fans to see this picture of her in NXT because of how ridiculous and dumb that gimmick looks right now.



While she is currently engaged to fiancee Buddy Murphy in real life, Alexa Bliss loves to treat her fans on social media to make sure that her fan-following is at a high despite her being a heel in the WWE. Bliss is definitely one of THE most beautiful women in WWE right now, and she was naturally chosen to be a part of the Valentine's Day Photo-shoot of WWE women by the company earlier this year. There were some really stunning pictures taken, but this one of Alexa definitely stood out from the rest because of just how smoking hot she looks in it. She posted this on her social media as a Valentine's Day gift to her fans, and would definitely want the fans to see this because of how it shows her at her sexiest and proves why she's known as "the Goddess of WWE".



Alexa Bliss has won the Smackdown And Raw Women's Championship in the past year or so, but she has made sure to kept gold around her waist for a long time because of her terrific heel antics during her reigns. Now knowing how heels love to play dirty to win their matches anyway possible, Alexa took that to a whole new level in a few matches when it seemed that her arm had broken and turned to the other side. But it was later revealed as a ploy from the "wicked witch of WWE", as she is actually double-jointed! That condition gives her the ability to stretch her joints anyway possible and she can fix it up easily as well. But this grotesque image of her twisted arm is something Alexa wouldn't want the fans to remember, because of how downright nasty it was to look at!



Many fans were surprised when it was announced that Alexa Bliss would be promoted to the Smackdown Live! roster after the WWE Draft, with many thinking, that it was "too early" for her to get the call. But she has been proving her doubters wrong since that day and has actually managed to turn them into her fans, with the "Goddess of WWE" properly establishing herself in WWE when she won the Smackdown Women's Championship, her first in WWE. She didn't win the NXT Women's Championship like some other women, so this meant a lot to her and helped establish herself as this sexy heel character. This picture of Bliss doing her signature pose with the Smackdown Women's Championship is something she'd definitely want the fans to see because she'd want people to remember her reign as the Blue Brand's champion which got her where she is right now.



Being a part of WrestleMania is the dream of every up-and-coming wrestler in the wrestling industry, so one can only understand Alexa Bliss' jubilation and excitement when she was heading into WrestleMania 33 as the Smackdown Women's Champion, but that would soon turn into despair. Bliss was given a really difficult task of defending her championship in a six-pack challenge against Smackdown Live!'s over women and failed to regain her title. In the end, she had to tap out to Naomi 's submission move and relinquish her championship to the home-town favorite, with this picture of her tapping out at WrestleMania being a black mark in her time on the main roster. Bliss definitely wouldn't want this picture of her tapping out to be seen by the fans, because of how it makes her look weak and she definitely wouldn't want herself to be remembered for tapping out in her first WrestleMania.



While Alexa Bliss may have made many new fans of her when she started to gain success on the main roster, many argued that her big push was due to her amazing looks and WWE wanting to keep someone pretty as one of the top women of their company. Alexa's in-ring work was often criticized, with some saying that she pays more attention to her looks rather than improving her wrestling. But in reality, Bliss is actually a very hard-working woman who does a lot of training. She was recently approached by Muscle and Fitness Magazine because of her work in the gym and squared circle. Alexa was interviewed by them and made their cover as well, with this picture showing Alexa's photo-shoot for the magazine being one she'd want the fans to see because it proves how hard-working she is in training herself for the matches.



We've already seen to how Alexa Bliss was struggling to get a proper gimmick in WWE NXT a few years ago, where she was given multiple roles before she was properly introduced into NXT. While the Southern Cowgirl role didn't really suit her well and was canned eventually, WWE had another idea with Alexa Bliss as she was also made the ring announcer for NXT for a while. She played the role of an announcer at NXT for some events, and it seems to be so embarrassing for her at this moment. This picture of Bliss as a ring-announcer at NXT is something the Raw Women's Champion would not want the fans to see, because of how humiliating and forgettable that was. She never came to WWE to be a ring-announcer and it was a one-off thing for her and she'd want it to remain forgotten and unnoticed.


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Alexa Bliss hasn't really bonded well with others on the main roster, where she's tried to form some temporary alliances with a few other women but ultimately turned her back on them when the time is right. She is an opportunistic heel, so it's quite natural of her not having any "friends" in WWE TV, but that's definitely not the case for her in real life. In reality, Bliss is absolute best friends with fellow Raw superstar Nia Jax and the two have been very close for a long time now. Their love for each other is quite evident on their social media, where Bliss often uploads pictures of her having fun with Nia and vice versa. This beautiful selfie of Alexa and Nia proves how strong their friendship is, which is something she'd want the fans to see how she's actually quite the friendly and fun-loving woman in real life.



Alexa Bliss has quite the history of being involved in athletic sports, as she had taken part in many kinds of recreational activities as a child which involved competing in softball, track & gymnastics as well. When Bliss became a teenager, she got involved with cheerleading and even reached division I status in college at the University of Akron. But while her cheerleading career was going well, Bliss was physically a mess as she had a terrible eating disorder which almost killed her at one point. She looked terrible back then, with this picture proving just how weak she had become. While Alexa recovered from it safely, this picture is something she wouldn't want the fans to see because of how skinny she looks in it and how she won't want fans to see her distressful physical state back then.


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Alexa Bliss has been breaking some records ever since making her way into the main roster, as she was the first woman to win both the Smackdown Live! and Raw Women's Championship before Charlotte matched that record a few months ago. Bliss has worked hard to make the record books so far, and she made another wonderful record some-time back when she became part of the first ever Women's WWE match at Abu Dhabi. She wrestled Sasha Banks in fully covered attires because of the place's strict norms, but they both instilled a lot of hope for Women's Wrestling to grow in Abu Dhabi. This stunning picture of Bliss after competing in the event with her full attire and Raw Women's Championship is something she'd want the fans to see as a reminder of her making history, something which she should definitely be proud of.

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Blissed Off: 7 Photos Alexa Bliss Doesn't Want You To See (And 8 She Does)