Bludgeon Brothers Debut New Very Red Ring Gear

The WWE Universe has been seeing vignettes for a few weeks now and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have been off WWE programming for months. Eagerly awaiting their return to the WWE, fans have been watching Bludgeon Brothers skits which show Harper and Rowan wielding two huge hammers and speaking in tongues.

The reaction to the promos have been mixed but the anticipation for their return is at an all-time high.

At a recent live event in Dublin, the Bludgeon Brothers made their in-ring return. Walking to the ring in the same costumes that they've been wearing in their vignettes, one thing was strikingly different about their actual in-ring attire.


As is clear from the photo below, WWE went with a "red" theme. So red, many have commented that the outfits do not do the promos justice and that this is not the look WWE should be going with if fans are expected to take the tag team seriously.


Whether it's being connected to Christmas or a dance troop, the outfits seem to stand out in a negative way. Some have compared them to Kane and others to Braun Strowman but most have not been complimentary.

Rowan and Harper were once part of the Wyatt Family. Many fans were hoping this return would somewhat allow the two talented superstars to break away from that reputation as Wyatt's underlings, especially Harper, who has the skills and talent to be a big star for the company. These outfits don't really scream breaking free of the Wyatt's and they'll definitely be the focal point for a lot of fans trying to picture these two as legitimate threats to the SmackDown Live tag team division.

Perhaps this was a test to see how fans would react. Debuting the team at a live event in these outfits allows WWE to see if changes need to be made. If the initial fan reaction is any sort of indication, WWE better get back to the drawing board.

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