Bob Backlund Doesn't Know When To Quit

Seeing as how this man doesn't sign autographs to anybody unless they can recite the entire list of U.S presidents, it goes without saying that Bob Backlund is one of the oddest living legends in professional wrestling and in a business where performers have played undertakers and giant roosters that's saying something. Even at that, Backlund has gone from weird to distasteful.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bob Backlund interrupted the funeral service of the recently deceased Verne Gagne. While Verne's son Greg Gagne was delivering a eulogy, Backlund reportedly yelled in a "heel promo" manner. Obviously, the situation was described as being "ridiculously" out of place.

Sadly it appears that long after the spotlight has faded on the former longtime WWE Champion just can't seem to let go of the gimmick and move on with his life. Share your thoughts in the comments of what you think of Backlund's actions.

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