Bobby Lashley And Lana Return To Raw, Lashley Comments On Kiss

Bobby Lashley and Lana made their returns to WWE, both appearing to close Monday night Raw and making out in front of Rusev. It was unexpected, it was awkward and Lashley even commented on the kiss afterward.

To say the season premiere of Monday Night Raw was interesting would be an understatement. A show that started with an shocking interruption by Brock Lesnar who attacked Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick, then the announcement a big 10-man tag match for Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia ended as Rusev got an out-of-the-blue Universal title shot only to have it come to a screeching halt as he was forced to watch his wife have a make-out session with another man.

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Just prior to the main event on Raw, a white limousine pulled into the arena. Unsure if who it was, the WWE Universe might have guessed it could be a number of different people. Vince or Stephanie McMahon? The next member of Team Flair or Team Hogan?... Who they likely didn’t expect it to be was Bobby Lashley. They certainly weren’t expecting him to bring out Lana who was by his side and has seemingly left Rusev. Not only did the couple kiss, but they made out long enough to distract and entire arena who’d almost missed the fact that the Fiend snuck in to attack Rollins.

Lashley took to social media afterward and said only, “Mmm... tastes like strawberry.”

What's Next for Lashley and Rusev

Rusev just returned to WWE a couple of weeks ago. He was thrust into the main event less than a month after his return. But conspicuous by her absence was Lana. Now we know where she's been.

It was an odd main event but it sets up a feud between these two. There's no explanation as to why they have a beef, no storyline explaining Lana and Rusev's issue, just WWE moving full steam ahead with the assumption fans are just on board.

It's a bit strange.

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