Bobbly Lashley Has Received "Vulgar" Death Threats From Rusev & Lana Fans

Lana has been dealing with severe backlash on social media since the start of her recent angle, while Bobby Lashley has even been sent death threats.

We've always thought that pro wrestling is at its best when it makes us question if what we are watching unfold is real or not. The CM Punk pipebomb promo being one of the best examples of that. The angle currently unfolding between Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley does not fall into that category.

Well, at least it doesn't for us. It seems as if some fans are having issues separating the real from the storyline when it comes to this particular angle. In all fairness, Lashley and Lana have gone all-in on the angle. Not only did they passionately make out live on Raw, but they've also been posting videos together away from WWE's cameras on YouTube and social media.

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Seems as though all of this has been enough to fool some die-hard Rusev and Lana fans into thinking The Bulgarian Brute has really been wronged. And in front of the world, no less. Lashley revealed during a video he and Lana posted on the latter's YouTube channel that he has been receiving "vulgar" death threats from wrestling fans. The former ECW Champion said they were things he doesn't want to repeat on camera.

Lana also revealed that she has had fans say some very hurtful things on social media since the angle started to unfold on Raw. As for what's next for the on-screen couple, WWE has advertised a "Divorce Court" segment for tomorrow night's Raw. It's actually just a special edition of Jerry Lawler's King's Court with Lana and Rusev as his special guests.

After that, Rusev will finally have the chance to get his hands on Lashley in the ring. The two love rivals will be on opposite sides during the Team Hogan versus Team Flair match which doesn't guarantee they'll clash, but you'd have to think they will at some point. In the meantime, if you're reading this thinking the whole thing is for real, continue to be as invested in the product as you are, just don't act on it and send death threats to wrestlers.

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