Bobby Roode Has Star Studded List Of Dream Matches

Bobby Roode has only been on the main roster for a cup of coffee, so naturally, he has a lot of opponents he's still dying to face and he's revealed some names.

Bobby Roode has really made a name for himself in WWE since he made his debut for NXT a little over a year ago. In that time, The Glorious One had a great run as NXT Champion and now finds himself on SmackDown Live. A big part of Roode's popularity with the fans is his entrance music, but as most should know by now he is so much more than just that.

This Sunday at Hell In A Cell, Roode will make his WWE pay-per-view debut against Dolph Ziggler. The crux of the disagreement between the two is that Ziggler effectively thinks certain Superstars are pushed based on their look and if they have a certain level of pomp and circumstance. Naturally, Roode has taken some issue with that.


Roode recently revealed to Gamespot that Ziggler is just the first name in a long line of WWE Superstars that he can't wait to compete against. When asked who some of his dream opponents were on the current roster, the former NXT Champion quickly listed off all three members of The Shield. He then turned his attention to the brand he currently resides on, SmackDown Live, saying that he can't wait to face Kevin Owens and Randy Orton among others.

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While Dolph Ziggler isn't exactly the dream opponent that most NXT fans would have necessarily have in mind for Roode's first rivalry on the main roster, The Showoff seems to be the permanent occupant of that role. Shinsuke Nakamura's first feud was also against Ziggler when he arrived on SmackDown Live earlier this year. Roode has no issue with Ziggler being his first challenge either, saying that he "always thought that he was an incredible talent."


While Roode vs Ziggler isn't the glorious match up that many of us envisioned upon his arrival into WWE's big time, it's necessary in the eyes of the company. Ziggler is one of the guys they have chosen to test whether new Superstars are a good fit for them. Once their match at Hell In A Cell is out of the way, that will make room for a new Roode feud. Here's hoping it's a run at AJ Styles' United States Championship.

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