Bobby Roode Makes Main Roster Debut On SmackDown Live

After rumors swirled that Bobby Roode might make his debut on Raw on Monday, when he didn't arrive, the WWE Universe wondered what the plan was — that is until he was again spotted backstage at Barclays for SmackDown Live. It became clear quickly, Roode was about to join the WWE main roster and with the blue brand.

A 20-year veteran of wrestling, Roode departed from TNA then immediately took NXT by storm. Over the past year as the NXT Champion, he was the headliner each and every night. He took the promotion from great to "Glorious", and the WWE is hoping he can do the same for SmackDown Live. 


Interestingly enough,  in Roode's debut, he arrived in what looks to be a babyface role. Interrupting Aiden English as he tried to serenade the Brooklyn crowd, Roode's music hit to a large ovation. He walked to the ring and immediately began to pander to the audience, getting them to cheer along, looking for approval and having them yell his name prior the match.

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From there, Roode did what all babyface wrestlers do and he looked to the crowd to get them to cheer before each of his major moves. If the WWE is planning on having Roode play the good-guy role, this is an interesting choice. While the WWE Universe fell in love with Roode's grand entrances and extremely popular theme song, at no time did Roode play anything but a heel role in NXTThe company has completely abandoned what worked well and seemingly gone in a different direction.



Clearly, English is not the man Roode will be feuding with. Who the "Glorious" one has his sights set on next is unclear. Will the WWE keep pitting him against the anti-heroes of SmackDown Live? Or, will he turn and follow a similar path that he did in NXT?

Regardless of where Roode goes next, he deserves to be on the main roster. The WWE just got glorious and that's never a bad thing.

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