Booker T Apologizes for Insensitive Comment About Owen Hart

We're nearly upon the 16 year anniversary of Owen Hart's tragic passing at the Over the Edge PPV in 1999. In fairness, WWE does their best to properly honor their fallen warrior and this slight was likely just an oversight, with a member of the commentary team trying to make this match as interesting as possible. During Neville's match on yesterday's Raw, JBL compared the young star to Owen Hart, to which Booker T responded: "he didn't defy gravity."

Booker T's known as one of the classiest men in the company, so this was obviously an accidental slip-up from a man trying to give entertaining commentary. He immediately apologized on Twitter and hopefully he'll able to move past this quickly.

I would never say anything to disrespect the legacy of Owen Hart. If I did offend anyone, I apologize.

— Booker T. Huffman (@BookerT5x) April 28, 2015

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