Latest Updates On Booker T's Feud With Corey Graves

Booker T and Corey Graves have captured the attention of the WWE Universe with their apparent beef. But is it for real, or just a work?

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was recently taken off the Monday Night Raw team, and replaced with the recently signed Jonathan Coachman. The former World Champion apparently had no bitter feelings towards 'The Coach'.

But when Booker T appeared on the Heated Conversations podcast, he instantly blamed Corey Graves - and took some harsh and savage shots at the Raw color commentator.

“If I got Corey Graves into a fist a cuff, I would beat him down like he stole something. I would be whipping his ass all day long.I’m a nice guy until you get on my bad side. Corey Graves right now, I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s on my bad side [but] he’s the reason that I’m not on Monday Night Raw right now.”

Booker T then proceeded to challenge Graves to a fight. The latter issued a response to the threats on Twitter:

For those folks who were entertained and on the edge of their seats, we have some big news for you. According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, this whole Graves and Booker T beef is just a work.


Per Barrasso, this was done so "that Booker did this to give a little extra heat to Graves–who plays a heel on television–on his way out," while bringing more publicity to his show, since he's no longer working on Raw.

Booker T - as Barrasso pointed out - is married and raising two kids in Houston, where he plans to run for the city's mayoral election. As such, his sudden departure from the announcing team isn't all that surprising.

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Over the past three years, Booker T was on-and-off as a commentator, working as a pre-show analyst, then going back to the main announce team. He had become a full-time analyst for Raw last summer, and kept the role until 'Coach' took over two weeks ago.

Perhaps we'll see more staged "heat" between Booker T and Graves in the near future, because this storyline beef has caught many eyes in the early going.


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Latest Updates On Booker T's Feud With Corey Graves