Booker T Challenges Corey Graves To Call His Show & Gets A Response

Booker T has challenged Corey Graves to call into his podcast—and he got a response.

The apparent real-life beef between Booker T and Corey Graves has unexpectedly become one of the hottest stories in pro wrestling these days. With the returning Jonathan Coachman having replaced Booker in the Raw announce team, the WWE Hall of Famer has not held back in expressing his disgust with former broadcast colleague Corey Graves, even going as far as challenging him to a fistfight on his podcast. In a recent tweet, Booker T once again called Graves out, but this time, he seems to be going a potentially more civilized route by inviting him to Heated Conversations to clear the proverbial air.

Booker T’s recent online seminar for his Reality of Wrestling promotion ended with hints that he would go into further depth with regards to his feud with Graves. Following up on this, Booker T explained on Twitter that there have been “a lot of things said” in recent days and that he is publicly inviting Graves to call into Heated Conversations on Sunday for a “clear the air” session.


About 20 minutes after Booker offered the invitation, Graves responded on Twitter, saying that Booker “[has] his number." This should hint at the call-in pushing forward, though we'll only know if this takes place in a couple of days, once the next episode of Heated Conversations airs.

As previously reported, Booker T blamed Corey Graves for his departure from the Monday Night Raw announce team, also possibly accusing the NXT wrestler-turned commentator of kissing butt to move up the pecking order, despite being relatively new in his role. He threatened to “do something to him” if he ever saw Graves on the street and even suggested that he’d like to fight him at WrestleMania, despite the fact Graves retired young due to concussion issues. The Booker vs. Graves feud was even referenced by The New Day on SmackDown Live, with Big E joking that Graves has only a "six percent chance" of winning a street fight.

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Such an ugly public feud would have been expected from people such as Jim Cornette and Vince Russo, but not from usually mild-mannered individuals like Booker T and Corey Graves. We understand that Booker T’s upset over losing what had been a sweet gig alongside Graves and Michael Cole on the Raw announce team, but his rant about Graves was uncalled for, and it’s good that he’s now willing to talk it over without any threats of violence involved.

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