Booker T responds to Kenny Omega's NXT Comments

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has shared his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling star Kenny Omega leveling mild insults at the NXT roster.

Omega recently took a pop at the brand's wrestlers by claiming that AEW will be giving fans "real stars" and not "developmental talent." And, while there must have been at least a few people over at WWE who weren't best pleased, Booker seems like he understands where Omega is coming from.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame Podcast (h/t 411mania), the former star responded to the jibes. He sort of sided with Kenny - not by agreeing with him but by acknowledging that the AEW performer was simply speaking in character and doing his job.

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“Yeah, you know, Kenny Omega, AEW Vice President? … Executive Vice President, as well as worker. He’s a worker as well, he’s a performer," he said. "Yeah, so he’s got two hats that he’s wearing around that company. And then he made some disparaging words about the talent on NXT.

"But then I was reading earlier that he was talking in character, he didn’t really mean that about those guys. A lot of those guys are his friends, and he didn’t want to disparage anyone in that way. But my thing is this, do Kenny Omega have the right to actually say that? Perhaps, yes, I don’t know … But if you’re in character, is it okay to say that? … When shouldn’t you be in character? You know, when you’re talking to a reporter or someone in the media, you know. Just say for instance, TMZ stopped you and they ask you a question. Should you be in character or not?”

Booker would add that Kenny didn't actually disrespect anyone and is friends with a lot of guys at NXT so he will probably just tell them he wasn't being serious if he runs into them and his quotes come up.

“No, no, it’s not — he didn’t really disrespect anybody. He just said, when he sees those guys, he’s gonna be, ‘I was just playing. C’mon, man. I’m working. That’s all I’m doing. I’m just working, what are you talking about? It’s a work.’”

WWE Should Have Expected Something Like This And Now They Should Expect A Lot More

This is obviously part of what's a war that's soon to go down between NXT and AEW. With the WWE's developmental brand now on Wednesday nights, the same night AEW will be airing their TV show, it's going to come down to just that no matter what anyone says.

Fans can expect some more juicy bits from both sides when things heat up in October. We really can't wait.

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