Booker T Had No Idea CM Punk Was Going To Join Him On WWE Backstage

Booker T has revealed he had no idea CM Punk was set to join him on the most recent episode of WWE Backstage.

CM Punk announced his return to the WWE Universe, albeit still not a WWE employee, with an appearance on the show recently. The former wrestler had left fans in the dark over his future, only disclosing that he'd interviewed for a position on the show with FOX.

But hardly anyone expected to see him and Booker says he was none the wiser all throughout the day up until the point Punk walked out, although he pretended he knew what was going on.

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“Hey, man, I don’t know what happened, man. I’m serious, man," he said on his Hall of Fame podcast. "I didn’t see CM Punk all day, you know. I’m being for real, I didn’t know CM Punk was in the building, I didn’t know anything about this.

"We come to the last two minutes of the show, and I know we are about ready to go off, and all of a sudden we got this surprise as far as, ‘We’re going to do something new,’ Renee said. I didn’t know what ‘new’ was, because nobody told me what we were gonna do [that was] new…I didn’t know there was a segment planned or anything like that, and then the music played. So I was just genuinely surprised that it was CM Punk.

"You know, because if I saw CM Punk on the street I thought there might have been some fireworks or something like that. But then he walked in, everything cooled off and I said, ‘He’s at the job,’ you know what I mean? So everything’s cool.’ I said, ‘I knew this was gonna happen,’ but I didn’t know anything.”

What Do You Think Is Next?

Booker is happy Punk's back around and you'd struggle to find a WWE fan who isn't excited about it.

The possibility of him returning to the ring is a lot bigger now, giving us all a legitimate reason to be hopeful - the first one we've had in around six years really.

Guy's just full of surprises.

Source: 411Mania (transcription)

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