Booking New WWE Factions: 13 New Possible Groups

Much deliberation is being put into the WWE's forthcoming brand split. The company's previous attempt was met with mixed reviews and many would argue that the idea was a downright flop. It would serve

Much deliberation is being put into the WWE's forthcoming brand split. The company's previous attempt was met with mixed reviews and many would argue that the idea was a downright flop. It would serve in the company's best interest to make use of their rising crop of young talent diligently, as the WWE's roster appears to be deeper than ever. NXT has proven to be a serviceable training ground, responsible for some of today's best and tomorrow's most promising performers. Managing the brand splits and booking Superstars accordingly will prove to a be top priority for WWE creative in order for this new project to succeed.

One way to help younger talent find direction and develop their persona could be by including them in a stable, surrounded by veterans. Think of how it helped catapult the careers of The Rock and Triple H during The Attitude Era, as members of The Nation of Domination and D-Generation X. What about the massive influx of female competitors? With limited match time, why not find a way to write them into more important storylines, so they get more air time, even if it is not necessarily in the ring, by associating them to male factions. The different rivalries and storylines which could arise from the creation of new groups could produce some compelling television. What would pro wrestling be today had the nWo or DX never existed?

For the purpose of this article, we have come up with different potential factions based on today's roster. Each stable will include at least one veteran, one newcomer, and one Diva. Some wrestlers may overlap. Enjoy!

13 Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, Randy Orton, Paige: Switchblade Asylum


The Viper and The Lunatic Fringe have established reputations as mentally unstable warriors who thrive off of pain. The mentorship of these two could help put over an incredible performer like Sami Zayn whose talent risks being wasted if he cannot develop a character which WWE creative can effectively use. Paige has also hinted at some lunacy with her persona in the past and would serve a suitable compliment to the fearless bunch of crazies. The formation of this stable would help Randy Orton's return hold purpose, as the seasoned veteran has been a part of several transnational periods before. Ambrose's persona would serve as the underlying identity behind the group. Zayn could benefit from the direction of this cast of characters and still be considered a face as he is cheered for utterly surviving the beatings he takes all while delivering quality matches.

12 The Miz, Tyler Breeze, Dolph Ziggler, Eva Marie, Maryse: Velvet Rope Society


A partnership between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler would be golden. Tyler Breeze has served as nothing but a lowly jobber since being called up to the main roster, despite his formidable wrestling ability. The WWE has tried everything to profit off of Eva Marie's look and appeal to no avail, as she has yet to win over anyone with her lackluster talents. Maryse has recently returned to television, perfecting her role as the problem-stirring distraction of a valet. Fuse all of these good looks together and you have one narcissistic group of wannabe actors you love to hate.

11 Enzo And Cass, Tomasso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Carmella: Manhattan Muscle


A group of young, hungry Superstars with modest upbringings who bring the hustle of the street to the WWE in an inspirational way. A bunch of Italian misfits who are good people, but do bad things to bad people. The group would be led by the charismatic Enzo Amore as he recruits the services of his neighborhood pals Ciampa and Gargano. The group would encompass a rags-to-riches underdog mentality of a bunch of kids who escaped the streets. Carmella figures in as the little sister who grew up with her brothers who always protected her, even though she is now tough enough to fend for herself.

10 Paul Heyman, Michael Cole, Lana: The Reform


This would be a new form of authority put in place that would allow Michael Cole to vacate the announce table in order to make room for new, fresher voices like Corey Graves on Raw. Their aim would be to govern and reinforce the overall agenda of both shows General Managers, perhaps put in place by Shane and Stephanie. They would hold contract signings, report messages to Superstars, etc. They would then disobey the commands given to them as they see fit, with the ultimate aim of eventually overthrowing their superiors to gain total control. Heyman and Cole would be the masterminds behind the madness, while Lana would use her sultry, evil-executive persona to lure characters into cooperating with the groups plans, creating total chaos with all parties involved.

9 Sheamus, Neville, Finn Balor, Becky Lynch: Dublin Brass


Neville may not be Irish, though he can easily be assimilated by the rest of the group and their heritage. Bound by their motherland and the toughness of their people, the group would unite as down-on-their-luck outcasts who struggled to find their own direction while in the WWE. A tag-team of Finn Balor and Neville will help develop both stars until they are ready to make true singles pushes on the main roster, as Sheamus guides them through their ascension in order to bring even bigger pride back home to Ireland by having the group capture as many titles as possible. This group would truly make some serious waves.

8 Cesaro, The Vaudevillains, Emma: The Firm


This would be a stable of hitmen with a list of victims weekly. Dressed in James Bond style suits, the lights would go off during matches or promos, with red laser pointers appearing on the targets of their next victims. I struggle to see how The Vaudevillains could sustain their gimmick over a long period of time and thus they could benefit from a revamp, while Cesaro could finally find his identity and purpose by serving as the undisputed mastermind of the stable. They would eliminate Superstars one by one on their way to getting Cesaro his ultimate title push. They would be a more polished version of what The Shield once was, kicking ass and taking names in suits and aviators.

7 Baron Corbin, Elias Samson, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Paige: The Steel Heard


A stable of bad-ass biker rebels on a path of destruction with Baron Corbin as their leader. Elias Samson joins the ranks with a similar look to Corbin, while preserving the drifter persona and adopting the bikers code. Gallows and Anderson can part ways from The Club and create their own identities once and for all, forgoing their past allegiance to their former gimmicks with other promotions, while providing additional muscle to an already imposing crew. Paige could slot right in as another obvious loaner finally seeking acceptance, completing the group of isolated misfits. Imagine a feud between these guys and The Wyatt Family?! Scary stuff.

6 The Wyatt Family, The Ascension, Asuka: New Wyatt Family


Because what is a cult without a following. Each new addition brings a new element of disaster to the group. The Ascension have been nothing but a jobber tag team since their main roster promotion. They can spin off their attire by modifying the face paint, which meshes well with the other member’s creepy masks. Asuka is a female killer who can distort her colorful image into something creepy and switch the vibrant colors to something darker. Keep her off the mic and allow her in-ring brutality to do all the talking.

5 John Cena, Enzo Amore, Sasha Banks: Uptown Hustle


A group bound by charisma and their insatiable desire for success, this stable would emulate an urban reform similar to what Evolution was back in the day. Cena and Banks, who both hail from Massachusetts, would be joined by another young, hungry competitor in Enzo Amore who displays the same drive to achieve greatness like his stablemates. They would be hand picked by Cena to be each gender's respective future faces of the franchise. Perfection in the ring and on the mic, this faction would set the standard for excellence in professional wrestling while feuding with pretenders, jealous opponents or other hungry factions eager to dethrone the new status quo formed by this alliance.

4 Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Charlotte: Aces Black


The best of the best, the group doesn’t even really like each other, although they are aware that they are the best in the business at what they do: wrestle. They come together in recognition that they cannot be outperformed and their interest is to preserve the reputation of each of their members. Their arrogance is sizeable, though with reason. The group is easy to hate for that reason alone, though will be cheered for the quality of their performances. The group has the potential to reasonably hold multiple titles at once, including a dream-tag team of Rollins and Styles. Charlotte fits in well after parting ways with her Hall of Fame father and is solicited by The Architect and The Phenomenal One after proving she could stand on her own.

3 Samoa Joe, The Usos, Nia Jaxx: Sons of Samoa


We would take this opportunity to turn The Usos heel, as they have played out their gimmick. Samoa Joe's savagery has already marked the NXT ranks with his ruthless style in the ring. Nia Jaxx has demonstrated seismic force while plowing through the female ranks. Let The Usos swap the colored face paint for darker tones. Allow Joe to be the leader of the group, who aims to wreak havoc at all costs, similar to what he is doing in NXT, only now with reinforcements. The faction would embody a cult-like, take-no-prisoners, warrior tribe mentality.

2 New Day, Titus O'Neil, No Way Jose, Naomi: New Day Jose


A comedic version of The Nation of Domination addressing racially sensitive subjects in the world and in wrestling. They would constantly skew the words of those they would feud with, implying racist undertones and enraging their rivals even more. This would be a face group boasting immense potential to deliver rib-shattering humor, much like New Day does already. Naomi would embrace a more vocal responsibility, serving as the unofficial spokeswoman for the group before handing over the mic to the more veteran Superstars who already cut razor sharp vignettes.

1 Jack Swagger, American Alpha, Summer Rae: The World's Greatest Stable


The Real American, Jack Swagger, could serve as the mentor to current NXT Tag-Team Champions American Alpha. All three have the collegiate wrestling background and Summer Rae has proven to be quite versatile in the gimmicks she has undertaken. She could serve as a cheerleader, while she also holds her own in the ring. She also embodies the typical American college athlete with her long blonde locks. Jordan and Gable have immense face potential and prove to be masterful in the ring. The group's mission would aim to bring "real wrestling" back to the ring and feud with others with a more barbaric style such as Kevin Owens or Dean Ambrose. Their approach to promos would be semi-sarcastic and confident/arrogant humor. Potentially adding Kurt Angle to the mix would make fans go insane. What about Shelton Benjamin....oh the possibilities.

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Booking New WWE Factions: 13 New Possible Groups