Boss Lady: 15 Things You NEED To Know About Stephanie McMahon's Personal Life

Stephanie McMahon is one of the most famous faces on the WWE roster. She is the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and has had a role within the company since she was 13 years old.

Over the past few years, Stephanie has taken on a much more prominent role on WWE TV and has recently become the Commissioner of Monday Night Raw as she attempts to battle it out with her brother who is the Commissioner of SmackDown Live.

Stephanie is also an accomplished wrestler and a former WWE Women's Champion in her own right, as well as being perhaps one of the best promo cutters on WWE TV currently.

Even though Stephanie has been in the public eye for most of her life, there still isn't a lot known about the Billion Dollar Princess, this means that The WWE Universe only really know the Stephanie that is portrayed on WWE TV.

Stephanie is so much different from her on-air character and the following list of personal facts will serve as a way of proving this.

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15 Stephanie Has Three Daughters

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It is a well-known fact that Stephanie McMahon is married to former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. The couple began dating back in 2000 and have been together ever since.

The couple were married in 2003 and announced that they were expecting their first child in 2006. Aurora Rose was born on July 27, 2006. She was then followed by Murphy Claire on July 28, 2008 and their third and final daughter was born on August 24t, 2010. She was named Vaughn Evelyn. At just ten years old, Aurora Rose has already admitted that she wants to join the family business and become a professional wrestler as well. It looks as though the long line of McMahons in the business will continue down the road.

14 Booking The Women's Division

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It seems like a cliche just writing it, but being a female herself and a former female wrestler, it comes as no surprise that Stephanie is gaining a lot of success from booking the current Women's Division.

Stephanie played a huge role in the beginning of the Divas Revolution in the summer of 2015 and has continued to play a part in the progressing storylines on Raw. Stephanie has been a part of the creative team for WWE for many years and has only more recently branched out and decided to take many of the new female wrestlers under her wing. Stephanie has helped these talented women along as they climb through the ranks and blossom into true WWE Superstars. No longer WWE Divas, but WWE Superstars.

13 Stephanie's Favourite Wrestler

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Everyone has their favourite wrestler. It's the one you always cheer for regardless of if they're in an unwinnable predicament, they are the wrestler that we refuse to give up on and would follow to the end of the earth to see perform.

Stephanie is exactly the same way as many of the WWE Universe in this respect. She has named her favourite wrestler as Triple H many times, but her actual favourite wrestler when she was growing up was Andre the Giant. He always made time for the youngest member of the McMahon family and the duo have many photos together that have been leaked online. His death hit Stephanie quite hard, but she will always consider Andre the Giant to be her favourite wrestler of all time.

12 She Helped Create Connor's Cure

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Being a mother herself, Stephanie knows what it's like to have children and so she knew that when she met Connor 'The Crusher" for the first time, she needed to do something to help his family.

Following his tragic death merely days after he was invited to watch his favourite Superstar (Daniel Bryan) win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX, WWE announced that they were setting up Connor's Cure which is a charity in the name of the little boy who touched so many hearts. It is hoped that the Charity will help to families much like Connor's that are hit with pediatric cancer at such young ages, and will help to support them through such a horrific time. The Charity was the chosen one for WWE in September 2016 and once again the company attempted to raise money for the fantastic cause.

11 Charity Work

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Stephanie has been voted as the most hated wrestler on Pro Wrestling Illustrated's annual list twice, but she is only portraying a fantastic character. Outside of WWE, Stephanie is one of the most kind hearted, philanthropic people that we are ever likely to meet.

Stephanie has helped to raise awareness to many charitable causes, including Connor's Cure that is mentioned above. Susan G. Komen is also a charity that WWE annually add their support to by going pink for the entirety of October as a way to help this famous breast cancer charity. While Stephanie can caused an entire arena to turn on her in a split second (which is a gift in the wrestling industry), she is also a women with a big heart.

10 Shane Basically Raised Her

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Even though Stephanie and Shane McMahon are portrayed as siblings at odds on WWE TV, the duo are actually much closer than many brothers and sisters because they were mostly left alone when they were younger (a result of their parents hectic schedules and lives on the road).

Stephanie is younger than Shane, so Shane was often left in charge of his sister and basically raised her in her early years as her father continued to run his multi-million dollar company and her mother was still part of the WWE at that time as well. Stephanie joined the company when she was just 13, but up until then, she and Shane were left alone until their parents returned from work late at night after running WWE all day long.

9 How Much She Earns

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It's not breaking news that Stephanie is a hard working woman. She has three daughters, a full-time job, and she manages to appear on WWE TV as well as helping to control many problems behind the scenes. So it should not come as a shock that Stephanie is well compensated for the tasks that she completes for WWE.

It is reported that Stephanie McMahon owns around $65-75 million dollars worth of shares in WWE as well as annually earning between $750,000 and $800,000 for the tasks that she completes for WWE both on TV and behind the scenes. Add that to Triple H's paycheque and that is one financially competent household. But hey, this woman works hard to help run a massive, global entertainment company.

8 Stephanie and AJ Lee

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What happened between Stephanie and AJ Lee? These two could have gone on to have an absolutely fantastic rivalry if it didn't somehow become personal. AJ is a former Divas Champion and once held the record for the longest reign with 295 days until Nikki Bella broke the record last year.

Before AJ left the company back in 2014, she stupidly called Stephanie McMahon out on Twitter about the fact that she has a lot of power in WWE but she doesn't do anything with it. AJ wanted her 'Boss Lady' to step up and help females within the company to gain equality when it comes to merchandise and paycheques as well. Stephanie never responded to these tweets, but AJ was gone from WWE not long after and there were reports of backstage problems between the two as well. Does AJ have a point? Even if she does, perhaps she was wrong to address it in such a public way?

7 Legally Changing Her Middle Name

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Stephanie married WWE COO Triple H back in 2003 and instead of changing just her last name and losing the famous McMahon name, Stephanie decided to legally change her middle name to McMahon so that she was free to take on her new husband's name.

This means that Stephanie is now known as Stephanie McMahon Levesque, which could have worked out the same way if she decided to double barrel her name like many celebrities have. You can't really blame Stephanie for not wanting to give up her family name (it is after all, the most powerful name in the wrestling industry and probably always will be), but she will always be known as Stephanie McMahon on WWE TV anyway while portraying that evil character we know so well.

6 Triple H/Chyna

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It is perhaps one of the best known and most circulated stories in WWE, but it is one where the facts will never fully be known. Stephanie and Triple H were put together on WWE TV as part of an angle while Triple H was still dating former WWE Women's Champion Chyna.

Stephanie and Triple H then began dating not long after and Chyna was said to have reacted badly when she found out and this was the reason she was released from WWE. Triple H himself has stated many times that he and Stephanie didn't begin dating until he had been broken up with Chyna for a while. Stephanie has said the same, so maybe the facts will never fully be known, but it is a sad state of affairs either way.

5 Breast Enlargement  Surgery

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When you've been in the public eye for a long time, it becomes easy for many fans to notice any distinct changes to you appearance. So, when Stephanie reappeared on WWE TV in the summer of 2001 with much bigger breasts, the WWE Universe knew that the Billion Dollar Princess had undergone some cosmetic surgery.

Stephanie later revealed that she had in fact decided to have the surgery and that it was because she didn't feel happy with her body until she did. She was quoted as explaining that she had lost some weight in the few months before and wasn't happy with the way she looked in the mirror. So, when she was finally been able to have the surgery, she was then able to be happy with the reflection in the mirror.

4 Stephanie and Randy Savage

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It is hard to write a personal article about Stephanie McMahon without including what has now become one of the biggest known WWE Urban Legends of all time (you should already know what we're talking about here).

It is thought that Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon were very close during her first years in WWE when she was just a young girl on the rise. Things may or may not have happened between the pair and this is one of the reasons why Savage was pushed out of WWE and why it took so long for Vince McMahon to finally allow Savage to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Whether it's true or not, it is something that has never properly been addressed by the McMahon family, which seems slightly suspicious.

3 Why Stephanie Couldn't Have A Mugshot

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The biggest of WWE fams amongst us will remember that just a few short years ago, Stephanie McMahon was arrested on an episode of Monday Night Raw after Brie Bella decided to press charges because she had assaulted her at ringside (kayfabe).

Steph was led away in handcuffs and placed in a police car to obviously head off to be booked. Later in the night WWE Creative wanted Stephanie to have a mugshot leaked to prove that she was then taken into police custody but Triple H wouldn't allow it. Vince then nixed the idea said that he didn't want any of WWE's investors to Google Stephanie and see a mugshot because it may be seen as something that wasn't part of a storyline and he didn't want his daughter to gain that kind of heat.

2 Stephanie And Triple H

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They are the WWE's ultimate power couple. Move aside Nikki Bella and John Cena because Triple H and Stephanie have been together now for 16 years, have had three children, and still managed to continue doing their jobs at the highest level.

Nothing has managed to come between these two and despite the fact that many fans bring up the Chyna saga much of the time, it seems that there is nothing that will ever stop Triple H and Stephanie from being one of the most inspiring couples in the public eye. The fact that they have managed to have it all and still remain in the positions they have, is something worthy of aspiring to and something both Superstars should be proud of. Way to go Stephanie and Hunter.

1 She Started Her Career As A WWE Model

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How exactly does that saying go? Started at the bottom and now we are here? Well, Stephanie didn't necessarily start at the bottom, but she started somewhere near there when she joined WWE when she was just 13 years old.

Stephanie was used as a model for WWE's merchandise and shirts before being used as an intern who answered the phones in many different departments within the company when she was just 14. In 1998 she then became and executive accountant in WWE's marketing department before finally being given the head of creative role in the early 2000s. It seems that Vince and Linda wanted to give Stephanie the opportunity to learn to run the company rather than being handed a job that she wasn't ready for.

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