Bradley Cooper Rumored To Play Vince McMahon In Biopic

It looks like Vince McMahon's biopic will happen, and there is a major name rumored to be attached to the project.

With a biopic movie about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon set to come out in the future, Hollywood star Bradley Cooper is rumored to be in consideration to play The Chairman of the Board in the film, which will be title Pandemonium, according to PWInsider, via Wrestle Zone.

Cooper is familiar with the WWE after appearing on Raw to promote The A-Team. It's obvious that bringing in an actor like Cooper will help people take the movie more seriously and would draw a lot more people to the big screen.


The script for Pandemonium actually started in 2015, but now that WWE Studios has gotten involved, it's been changed quite a bit. Regardless of script changes, we don't know if Cooper will accept the role of playing McMahon. If he does accept the role, it could help WWE Studios finally make a substantial profit after struggling for so long.

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Cooper is already involved in four other films. One of those being A Star Is Born, which is expected to be a big production. It's a movie that features Lady GaGa and it's the first time that Cooper will be serving as the director. He'll also be appearing in Deeper and Atlantic Wall, and Avengers: Infinity War, so WWE WWE Studios will have to see if they can fit into Cooper's schedule, or find someone else to play McMahon.


While this biopic will surely get attention from viewers outside of the wrestling world, things haven't been great for WWE Studios. Forbes reported that WWE Studios lost a whopping $700,000 just in the second quarter of 2017. In the second quarter of 2016, they ended up making $400,000. While that's better than losing money, it's still not great because they've lost a total of $3.6 million during the first six months of 2017. This has not been a good year for them.

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Bradley Cooper Rumored To Play Vince McMahon In Biopic