Braun Strowman And Karen Jarrett Have Altercation In Bar

In what has to be one of the oddest stories going around the wrestling industry right now, news has come to light that WWE Superstar Braun Strowman had an altercation or run-in with Karen Jarrett at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee. It ended with Strowman allegedly begging for forgiveness and Jarrett threatening to tell ex-husband Kurt Angle about Strowman's attitude towards her.

Word of this story first broke to subscribers of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, where Dave Meltzer wrote that Braun Strowman and Karen Jarrett ran into each other at a bar. According to Meltzer, Jarrett approached Strowman about an autograph for her son and, unaware of who she was, he brushed her off in response. This led to Karen losing her cool and loudly berating Strowman in front of the patrons at the bar, finishing by revealing current Raw General Manager Kurt Angle is the father of the son she was asking for an autograph for. She made it clear she would be informing him of what happened.


Where this story gets odd (and suggests that alcohol was involved), is that Strowman apparently became extremely apologetic, to the point of getting on his knees and begging her not to tell Angle about what happened. Jarrett, unwilling to accept the apology, continued to berate Strowman, not only for refusing the autograph but then for only apologizing after finding out Angle was the boy’s father. Strowman agreed he was in the wrong on both counts and continued to apologize.

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There is a slightly different version of the account also out there that doesn't provide as much detail but suggests that Meltzer's version of the story may be a bit blown out of proportion.


PW Insider reports Jarrett was intoxicated after a Jeff Hardy show and became belligerent toward Strowman. A witness to the event told PWInsider, "It was a drunken conversation between two drunk people in a bar that got loud, nothing more." There was no account of Strowman getting on his knees during the altercation or begging for forgiveness.

Both versions of this incident are extremely odd. Clearly, Jarrett has an issue with the WWE and specifically Braun Strowman. She also has no issue throwing Kurt Angle's name under the bus and involving him in petty squabbles even though the two are no longer married. So too, it appears Angle has a lot of pull backstage if someone like Strowman (arguably the WWE's biggest star right now) is concerned that word might have gotten back to him about his attitude when a simple apology would have likely sufficed.

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