Watch: Braun Strowman Blindsides Tyson Fury At The Performance Center

As Tyson Fury was preparing for his WWE debut at the UK performance center, he got an unexpected visit from Braun Strowman.

A little more than a week away from Crown Jewel and most of the special event's matches seems to be set. Rather than focus on aging, previously retired talent this time around, WWE has brought in a couple of legitimate combat athletes. Brock Lesnar will take on Cain Velasquez with the WWE Title on the line, and Braun Strowman will clash with Tyson Fury.

Since Velasquez has wrestled a little in the past and has a rich history with Lesnar in UFC, there's a chance the two will be able to put on a passable wrestling match. Strowman versus Fury, on the other hand, fans aren't quite as sold on. The Monster Among Men isn't exactly the most technical wrestler on the roster, and Fury is a boxer who has never wrestled in his life, at least not in front of a camera.

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We hoped Fury had been putting in some time at one of WWE's performance center, and that was confirmed by Sky Sports WWE this morning. The Twitter account posted an exclusive clip of Fury training at WWE's UK PC. However, the second he turned his back, Fury was joined in the ring by an unwanted guest.

That guest was, of course, Strowman. Fury hit the ropes, expecting to reconnect with one of his trainers when he returned. The boxer was instead greeted with a massive shoulder block from Strowman which took him off his feet. As Fury was helped back up, Strowman took his leave, turning around to laugh and tell his Crown Jewel opponent that he's in his world now as he left the PC.

We are fascinated to see what exactly Storwman and Fury's match in Saudi Arabia will consist of. We'd hazard to guess Fury will land a haymaker on Strowman, but if that happens, it will have to knock the monster to the mat. If it doesn't, Fury's credibility as a boxer will be questioned by those who don't know what WWE is all about. However, if Strowman does get "knocked out", when will he be given the chance to get his own back?

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