Braun Strowman Wants To Feud With His Former Leader

Braun Strowman has feuded with some of the biggest Superstars in WWE today, but The Monster Among Men has his heart set on one rivalry in particular.

The ascent of Braun Strowman up the pecking order in WWE is something that's had to been seen to be believed. The Monster Among Men debuted on the main roster two and a half years ago when he was revealed as the frankly terrifying fourth member of The Wyatt Family. At that point in his career Strowman had only wrestled a handful of matches but clearly his physical presence scored him a spot on the roster.

Strowman didn't wrestle much per se during those first few months and his short comings were hidden somewhat by his fellow Wyatts. When the draft arrived a little under a year later however WWE creative decided to break the big man up from his family, sending him to Raw and the other three of them to SmackDown Live.

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Ever since then Strowman has gone from strength to strength as a singles star from those first few squash matches to the Universal Title matches he has been involved in recently. The man that brought him to the dance, at least in storyline terms, Bray Wyatt, has since returned to Monday nights but the pair have not yet reunited. In fact the two of them have barely clashed in any way whatsoever.


It's not because Strowman doesn't want to either. Raw's Resident Monster sat down with CBS Detroit this week and his time with Wyatt was a big part of the discussion. The two of them are apparently still travel buddies and very good friends. Inside the ring though Strowman wants them to clash. Strowman had nothing but good things to say about The Eater Of Worlds saying that 'He's an unbelievable talent. He's one of the best guys we have as far as speaking, in-ring ability, everything'.

The only time that the two of them have really crossed paths was before Wyatt had even returned to Raw. The two of them were on opposite teams during Survivor Series 2016 and their history was referenced somewhat as they stood toe to toe in the ring. A rivalry between the pair of them would be terrific, perhaps with Strowman battling his inner demons as they tell him not to hurt his former master.

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