Braun Strowman Frustrated With Fan Reactions To His Debut

Braun Strowman went from a member of the Wyatt Family to one of the top singles competitors in the WWE today. The Monster Among Men has gotten over the crowd with his dominant personality and ability to put on incredible matches against top stars like Kane, Big Show, Roman Reigns, and John Cena.

Strowman has displayed full confidence and dominance during his tear as a singles competitor, and likely won't lose his well-deserved push anytime soon. The 6-foot-8 giant also had the chance to open up about the start of his WWE career with Pro Wrestling Illustrated (subscription required):

Via WWE.com

At first, Strowman appeared to be nothing more than one of those muscle machines that Vince McMahon has always been sold on. But after moving over to Raw in the 2016 WWE Draft, Strowman has become one of the company's top singles competitors, proving he didn't need to be part of a major faction to succeed on his own.

Unlike other big men like Jinder Mahal, Goldberg, Kane, and Big Show, Strowman has displayed incredible in-ring ability and draws more cheers from the crowd than most superstars.

Though he's yet to win a single championship in the WWE, Strowman is sure to get that push before long. McMahon and the creative team are sold on him, and Strowman had plenty of crowd support behind him even when he's portrayed the heel character.

Strowman's debut in the WWE may not have been as successful as others in the past, but his hard work and determination have put him to the top.


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