10 Possible Next Steps For Braun Strowman

The future of Braun Strowman is a bit more uncertain than it would've been around a year or so ago, and a lot of fans have started to panic because of that. The Monster Among Men seemed like a nailed on Universal Champion at the peak of his powers, but now, he'd be lucky to get a single world title reign to his name.

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But instead of wallowing in self-pity for Braun, we're going to take a look at what the next step could look like for a man that, in many ways, has all the potential in the world.

10 Heel Turn

We’ve seen Braun as a babyface and we’ve seen Braun as a heel, but most of the time, he tends to float around as a bit of a tweener. He’s the kind of guy you can enjoy and cheer for regardless, but it’s worth noting that turning him into a psychopathic heel again is always a possibility that is on the table.

He could quite literally tear through everything and everyone in his path, which should eventually lead to the guy getting the chance to lift the world title up high.

9 SmackDown Star

Braun Strowman and Monday Night RAW have seemingly always gone together hand in hand and for good reason. He fits the brand, and that much is obvious. However, we feel as if it could be time for a switch over to team blue.

The WWE Draft can do a lot of interesting things and can turn WWE on its head in just one night, and you can bet putting Braun on FOX is going to bring in some viewers. It’d be so against the grain, and that’s what we love.

8 Bludgeon Brothers Alliance

Back in the day, Braun Strowman was a part of The Wyatt Family, with two of his ‘brothers’ in the faction being Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. While his time with the faction didn’t last that long, it was what gave him his big start and push in WWE.

Now, a few years on, it feels like the right time for him to reignite the flame we once saw with Harper and Rowan. They’ve just started coming into their own as a team again, so it’d probably make a lot of sense.

7 Comedy Character

No, we don’t want him to be one of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds again. This option isn’t something anyone particularly wants to see, but let’s face it, you can’t rule it out when it comes to WWE – just look at The Big Show, after all.

Braun would probably be able to knock any comedy character role out of the park with ease because he’s got a lot of natural charisma. However, that doesn’t mean we want to see it, or even really be a part of it. But hey, we’ve been wrong before.

6 Beating The Jobbers

Following the last brand split and Draft back in 2016, Braun Strowman was given a steady yet sustained push as one of Monday Night RAW’s new big baddies. This led to him squashing approximately 5,000 jobbers on the show week in and week out, and we can’t pretend like we didn’t absolutely love it.

Strowman was the perfect guy for such a role and while it seemed a bit stereotypical to some, we felt as if it was exactly what he needed to re-introduce himself following a tough spell with The Wyatt Family.

5 Tag Team Regular

Braun’s tag title reigns with Nicholas and Seth Rollins haven’t been particularly memorable in terms of duration, although the coalition with Nicholas will certainly be remembered for an entirely different reason.

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As we’ve seen with Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy over in All Elite Wrestling, there is some real potential in the ‘big man, little man’ tag team partnership. Deep down inside of us, we’d love nothing more than for Drake Maverick to team with real-life friend Braun Strowman, beginning one of the most entertaining tag runs of the last few decades.

4 Time Off

In the modern era, there is absolutely no shame in taking some time off, because these guys and girls are on the road for a good portion of the year. They need to give their bodies a chance to recover and because of that, we believe Strowman should do the same.

The fans would be wondering when and where he’s going to pop up next, and that kind of uncertainty is something we’re all in on. After all, WWE is all about being unpredictable (or it used to be), so why not try and embrace that?

3 Running Through NXT

Braun Strowman was one of the last call-ups to the main roster that really came out of nowhere. Because of the progress that NXT has made in the last few years, we could kind of see a lot of the other ‘promotions’ coming from a mile or two away.

However, Braun kind of came out of nowhere and skipped the whole NXT phase. It’d be risky, but we feel as if a transition over to NXT, if only for a few months, could allow the Monster to rediscover the kind of form that made him a star in the first place.

2 Joining The Fiend

Strowman has already suffered a beating or two at the hands of ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt, aka the man who brought him into WWE in the first place. So, instead of having Braun lie down for The Fiend one or two or a dozen more times, why not pair them up?

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Strowman is more than just a heater and, in the long run, could add a lot of depth to Wyatt’s character. Who knows, maybe Braun himself could also have a secret persona lurking beneath the surface just waiting to break out.

1 New Look

This doesn’t really need to happen and we’re not even sure we want to see it happen, but if WWE wants to look into changing some aspects of Braun’s tenure on the main roster, then this would be a fairly obvious place to start.

We can’t imagine his attire would be altered too much, but perhaps they could do something drastic and see whether or not it pays off. Our first thought was for him to go full Snitsky and shave off his hair and beard, but that might be a step too far.

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