Braun Strowman Details How His Wrestling Career Began

Braun Strowman has been one of the WWE's greatest signings in the 21st century, and he's poised to go down as the most accomplished and decorated "big man" superstar of this era.

The Monster Among Men took part in numerous Strongman competitions before landing his first contract with WWE in 2013. He started out in NXT and eventually worked his way up with The Wyatt Family - led by Bray Wyatt. After spending his first couple of years as a sidekick for his leader, Strowman received a massive singles push in 2017 - and he hasn't looked back.

At this rate, Strowman will go down as one of the most dominant, beloved and respected superstars of the 21st century. So how did this giant go from Strongman competitions to a career in the squared circle?

Strowman was interviewed on the Not Sam Wrestling podcast (h/t WrestlingInc.com), and talked about how he got his big break. The 2018 Money in the Bank winner said he grew up watching wrestling, and that he dreamed about making a career out of it.

Having lived in the town of Sherrills Ford in North Carolina, Strowman wasn't sure how to go about his journey. Finally, the big moment came around when he met some Strongman competitors in Charlotte. They asked him if he wanted to try out for the Strongman games, and the rest is history:

"I think I started in a little less than two years I earned my pro card in Strongman and I was in Los Angeles, California in 2012 for The World's Strongest Man and Mark Henry was there along with [WWE Talent Relations] Canyon Ceman were there recruiting.

I met them and exchanged information with Canyon, that was in September of 2012. They wanted me to come down to the FCW building since The Performance Center wasn't around back then. They wanted me to come down to the FCW down in Tampa, Florida. I walked around and cut a promo and they offered me a deal."

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It turned out to be one of the greatest finds in the history of WWE. Strowman has flourished as both a monstrous heel as well as a destructive force babyface. With Kane and Big Show rarely involved anymore, Strowman has taken over as the top big man in all of WWE.

Strowman and Seth Rollins are set to defend their Raw Tag Team Championships at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view. The duo will pull off double duty, as Strowman will also challenge his partner for the Universal Championship in a singles match.

What's Next For Strowman?

Although he hasn't won a WWE or Universal title yet, the future is extremely bright for Strowman. He's more than over with the WWE Universe right now, and Vince McMahon has been high on him for a while. Strowman recently signed a new four-year deal with WWE, and it's only a matter of time until he's rewarded for his loyalty.

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