Bray Gone Wild: 15 Wrestlers That Hooked Up With Younger Partners 

With a lackluster product at the moment, it seems like fans are grasping for anything nowadays. So when such news of a Bray Wyatt divorce comes out, it’s made a bigger deal than it actually should be. We blame the WWE for this, maybe if the content was a little better, the story wouldn’t gain as much traction!

Obviously, the news we’re talking about is Wyatt’s recent divorce to his now ex-wife Samantha Rotunda. Twitter nearly broke when it was revealed that the reason for the divorce was because of Wyatt having an affair with a co-worker. To make matters even more twisted, that co-worker was the stunning JoJo Offerman, who’s much younger than Bray both in age and looks! It made the news that much more intriguing that’s for sure.

It wasn’t the first time however that an older Superstar hooked up with a younger face as you’ll see in this article. In some instances, the hook up even led to a marriage and a family. We celebrate some crazy age differences in this article with 15 wrestlers that hooked up with younger partners. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Ring the bell and let’s get this party started!

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15 Randy Orton (37) & JoJo (23)

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We take the obvious route and start the article off with another romantic relationship involving JoJo. This age discrepancy was much larger however as she previously dated the veteran Viper, Randy Orton. We almost got a glimpse of the couple together when it was rumored that the two would appear on Total Divas as a part of the cast. However, that did not come to fruition and the couple did not last. Orton would end up moving on to something more serious, not only getting married, but playing the role of a father two his second wife, Kim Kessler.

As for JoJo, there hasn’t been much discussed involving her personal life. Although it does seem that age has a lot to do with her recent love interests. Being so young and surrounded by such WWE Superstars, it seems like the glamour of it all is getting to the youngster.

14 Alberto Del Rio (40) & Paige (24)

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This relationship started out as a fling that many thought would fade away and that includes the WWE. The age difference was a big factor as many believed Paige had the entire future in her sights, while Del Rio was in the twilight of his career. Age however didn’t bother the couple and they fought quite hard to maintain the relationship, so much so that Del Rio left the company and as for Paige, she’s pretty much done as she awaits the expiration of her contract. The couple recently bought a home and are enjoying life together as an engaged couple.

Unlike most of the other entries on this list, it appears as though this relationship is sticking despite Paige’s youth. We doubt Bray and JoJo will take a similar path however.

13 Kurt Angle (48) & Giovanna Yannotti (30)

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Not only has Kurt changed promotions but his personal life has also undergone some major alterations and that includes his love life. Angle divorced his wife Karen in September of 2008 but would find love again in 2010, getting engaged to his current wife, Giovanna Yannotti Angle. Unlike his previous marriage, the age difference is quite noticeable in this relationship with Kurt being 18 years older than his partner.

The age difference however is just a number as the two are happier than ever. The couple got married in the summer of 2012 and they’ve welcomed in three children to the world, Giuliana Marie Angle, Sophia Laine Angle and their most recent born in November of 2016, another girl, Nikoletta Sky Angle. Kurt’s life appears to be in a really good place nowadays as he inches closer to his 50s.

12 Bret Hart (59) & Stephanie Washington (34)

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It was rather shocking to see Bret "The Hitman" Hart get married to a 27 year old in 2010. The news made the headlines everywhere, and the couple, is still happily together nowadays. Its Bret’s third marriage, his first was to Julie Smadu as the former couple endured two decades together from 1982, all the way till 2002. It seems like Bret rebounded in his next marriage to Italian Cinzia Rota as the relationship only lasted till 2007 after they got married in 2004.

It seems like Hart has finally settled down with his young 34 year old wife as the couple is now in their seventh year together. Washington was even featured on WWE TV at one point as she was on Total Divas alongside Bret Hart while they had dinner with Bret’s niece Natalya.

11 Matt Hardy (42) & Reby Sky (30)

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Matt Hardy has been in the business for quite some time, what can we say, the dude just loves pro wrestling and he appears to have a new lease on life inside of the ring with his new "Broken" gimmick which is yet to debut in the WWE.

Another part of the wrestling business Hardy has taken a liking to has been the chicks. He’s dated several females in the business which includes Lita and Ashley Massaro. After hooking up with the much younger Reby Sky in 2011, the two would later get married in October of 2013. The couple would go on to have two children which includes the ever so famous, Maxel Hardy, and, the most recent addition to the family as of a couple of days ago, Wolfgang Xander Hardy.

10 Chris Jericho (46) & Kelly Kelly (30)

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Thanks to rumor mills and several shoot interviews, wrestling fans are well aware that Kelly Kelly had quite the reputation behind the scenes. Like JoJo, Kelly was extremely young, surrounded by testosterone at every turn. The list of Kelly hookups include the late Andrew Test Martin, John Cena, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and the most unlikely name that we're discussing in this entry, Chris Jericho.

Not only was the age factor alarming, but the fact that Jericho is a married man with kids also didn’t help the speculation. Club pictures were posted of the two alongside one another, and some photos even featured the two entering an arena together in a rental car. Either side has yet to confirm the affair but we have reason to believe this hook up took place judging by the evidence to our disposal.

9 Jerry Lawler (67) & Lauryn McBride (28)

via indianexpress.com

Most fans likely think of Lawler’s prior relationship to Stacy Carter as the one with a significant age difference and you’re not wrong for thinking that. The two had a significant gap of over 20 years. However, that’s nothing compared to Jerry’s current romantic life.

Currently engaged to Lauryn McBride, the couple has a crazy age difference of almost 40 years if you can believe. Now that’s like father and daughter stuff folks! It also appears that Lauryn has quite the feisty side as she was charged with domestic abuse after she attacked Lawler inside of their home. The charges would cause Jerry to get suspended, however, all charges were dropped later on and the couple would stay together. In terms of age difference, this hook up is certainly amongst the very top on the list.

8 Shawn Michaels (51) & Sunny (44)

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This isn’t necessarily a hook up you think of when discussing age difference; however, there was a substantial gap of seven years between the two. At the time of the hook up, Michaels already had a wealth of experience wrestling for years since the 80s, while Sunny, was still rather green to the business. With HBK being the face of the business at the time and Sunny, also being held in a high regard, the two had lengthy affair behind the scenes and one the most infamous ones in WWE history.

Nowadays, Michaels is happily married as a Born Again Christian while Sunny seeks help in a rehab home to fight her past addictions. Again, the age gap doesn’t looks as substantial nowadays seeing how well Michaels has kept himself, while Sunny, hasn’t fared all the same.

7 CM Punk (38) & AJ Lee (30)

via therichest.com

Like the previous entry we just discussed featuring Shawn and Sunny, this is another relationship you don’t necessarily think of when looking at age differences. However, Lee is just barely into her 30s, while Punk, is set to enter his 40s in only a couple of years. When you look at it that way, the gap is pretty deep.

Like Matt Hardy, Punk has taken a liking for dating women in the pro wrestling business. His previous girlfriends were all in the same age vicinity, unlike Lee. The two would take their hook up a step further by getting married in the summer of 2014. The two are still together nowadays, living their lives away from the WWE spotlight. With AJ still only 30, and Punk running out of options, pro wrestling returns might seems like the likely choice down the road.

6 Batista (48) & Melina (38)

via wrestlingrumors.net

Melina has yet to confirm this affair even took place, although Batista did admit the two hooked up while Melina was still dating John Morrison. The hook up was brief, but quite impactful given their high status within the company at the time.

The two were quite polarizing figures behind the scenes as both were regarded as big time ego maniacs making them the perfect couple. Melina was praised by the great Bret Hart for her in-ring work and it seems like that got to her a little too much behind the scenes. Melina was a very arrogant figure. The same can be said for Batista who saw his success get to him. The Animal also blamed a "sex addiction" for his way of life at the time. It took a beatdown from Booker to finally calm The Animal down backstage.

5 The Undertaker (52) & Michelle McCool (37)

via independent.co.uk

This hook up seems normal now that the couple’s married, but it was anything but that at the time of the relationships birth. Not only was the age gap significant (15 years apart), but picturing The Undertaker with Michelle also didn’t add up. Taker would end up filing for divorce from his previous marriage to Sara Frank in 2006 and in 2010, he would remarry tying the knot with Michelle McCool.

Nowadays, the couple is enjoying their time together away from the spotlight. They also have a daughter together, Kaia Faith Calaway which is Taker's fourth child overall. It seems like his wrestling days are over as it's rumored he recently fought his final WWE match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.

4 Hulk Hogan (63) & Jennifer McDaniel (42)

via celebitchy.com

Many associate Hogan’s downwards spiral with the recent racist allegations, however, the spiral began a long time ago. His life crumbled after he hooked up with one of his daughter's friends who was only 33 at the time, Christiane Plante. His wife Linda would end up filing for divorce destroying the family in the process. Hogan almost took his own life following the separation turning to alcohol, and even purchasing a gun at one point.

Not to worry though, the Hulkster would rebound quite nicely hooking up with Jennifer McDaniel. Not only was the age difference quite noticeable, but the media even made the claim that she looked like Brooke, his daughter... which is.. yea, pretty creepy. Hogan and McDaniel have been married since 2010.

3 Jeff Jarrett (50) & Karen Jarrett (44)

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Jeff is certainly a polarizing figure in the world of pro wrestling. Being blacklisted from the WWE, Jarrett has shifted his focus over the last decade and more on taking out the WWE empire. As you all know, he’s fallen short every single time but doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

His romantic life has also been pretty cringe. After hooking up with Kurt Angle's ex behind the scenes, Jeff was placed on a hiatus by the company for some time. The promotion would try to use the love story as an on-screen angle only for it to fall flat on its face. The couple would end up getting engaged in 2010, while Kurt, rebounded quite nicely himself with his new 30 year old wife as we discussed earlier in the article.

2 Ric Flair (68) & Jackie Beems (47)

via dailymail.co.uk

Before we get started...WOOOOOOO. Okay, now were good to go so let us discuss the Nature Boy Ric Flair and his young hook ups, oh where to begin. Let's discuss his most recent failed relationship to Jackie Beems. The couple got married in 2009 despite a significant age difference of 20 years. The two would get divorced in 2014 after a violent altercation. It would end up being Flair's fourth failed marriage for those of you keeping track at home.

Of course, Nature Boy would find love again getting recently engaged to Wendy Barlow, a retired tennis player and coach. This time around, Flairs latest hook up isn’t as young, with an age gap of 11 years (Barlow is 57), which is quite tame for Flair.

1 Macho Man Randy Savage & Stephanie McMahon – 24 Years Age Difference

via thesportster.com

It’s one of the greatest urban legends out there, mainly because of the insane age gap. According to the tale, Randy Savage hooked up with a teenage Stephanie McMahon during his WWE run. Many refused to believe the rumor, but even the likes of the great Dave Meltzer now believe there is some sort of validity to it, given how little the WWE has exposed Macho Man content throughout the years.

If it’s in fact true, this remains one of the craziest and most bizarre hook ups in pro wrestling history. Surreal that years and years after the fact, the urban legend is still brought up in various interviews and articles. With the WWE still remaining dead silent on the matter, we have reason to believe there might be some truth to it. Maybe Stephanie will finally address the elephant in the room in her tell all autobiography set to be released in the future. Don’t count on it though!

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