The Fiend Has Been Tormenting Multiple SmackDown Superstars Off-Air

Although Bray Wyatt's rivalry with Seth Rollins is continuing, for now, the building blocks for his life on SmackDown are already being put in place.

The WWE Draft has been and gone and to put it mildly, it wasn't exactly a roaring success. The order in which some of the Superstars were selected was a little puzzling, and Vince McMahon still hasn't been able to fight the urge to mix brands right off the bat. Most notably, even though Bray Wyatt is now a SmackDown Superstar, he is continuing his rivalry with Seth Rollins.

If it were just a case of tying up loose ends fans might be more forgiving, but there is no end in sight for the angle. The two will clash again at Crown Jewel, this time in a Falls Count Anywhere match that WWE is claiming won't be stopped no matter what. Fans have also spotted ads for a cage match between the two of them on the Raw after Crown Jewel.

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There is some good news. Although Wyatt hasn't been appearing on SmackDown, The Fiend has been showing his face while the blue brand is off the air. This past Friday, after The Miz's segment with Bayley and Sasha Banks, Wyatt appeared on the screen and sent Miz a warning, according to Wrestling Inc.

Not only might that be a hint as to who Wyatt will come after once he's done with Rollins, it was also a way to try and get fans to stick around for 205 Live. The advertised dark main event after the cruiserweight show was Miz versus Cesaro. As expected, The Fiend did indeed make an appearance during that match. However, even though his warning was to Miz, Cesaro was ther Superstar he targeted.

While Miz and Cesaro might feel The Fiend's wrath in the short run, the logical long-term SmackDown angle for Wyatt revolves around Braun Strowman. A clash of two Superstars who seemingly can't be stopped. Plus, there's the Wyatt Family link. Strowman was brought to the main roster by Wyatt before being separated from the group via the 2016 draft.

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