Bray Wyatt And Bo Dallas Suspiciously Miss Raw AGAIN

Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas did not attend Raw or the live events over the weekend before it for the second time in a row this week.

Aside from the flagship angle involving The Shield's reunion, the main storyline on Raw right now is the ongoing supernatural shenanigans between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt. The trouble is, we haven't actually seen Wyatt physically appear on Raw for a couple of weeks now, something that has probably been overlooked by some fans as The Eater Of Worlds has still been present via his creepy pre-taped video promos.

The absence of Wyatt stood out last week because he wasn't the only Superstar who was inexplicably AWOL. His real-life brother Bo Dallas was also nowhere to be seen with Michael Cole revealing that the former NXT Champion was "under the weather" in a bid to explain why he wasn't with the rest of The Miztourage during the show's opening segment.

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Fast forward to this week's Raw and the Rotunda brothers are still nowhere to be seen and there has still been no explanation as to where they are exactly. Finn Balor was left to carry his feud with Wyatt alone as there wasn't even a pre-recorded message from his TLC opponent this week. His and Dallas' absence from the televised shows, plus the live events that take place over the weekend, is extremely strange.


With Wyatt and Dallas being real-life life brothers, but being kept very separate on television, it's extremely likely that it's a private family issue they've simply been granted time off for by WWE. Even though most fans know that the two are related, admitting that they're off television for the same reason wouldn't do wonders for either man's character. There is the slim chance that this is all part of an angle though and that Dallas is about to be united with his brother in an angle as the Sister Abigail story unfolds.


Whatever the issue is that's keeping Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas away from the ring it's clearly not something that is going to keep them away for much longer. WWE  is still confident that The Eater Of Worlds will be back before this Sunday, otherwise, they wouldn't have pushed ahead with the promotion of his match with Finn Balor at TLC this weekend.

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