Why Bray Wyatt And Bo Dallas Missed Raw

Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas have been off Raw for a few weeks now, and it turns out there is a legitimate reason. There has been a lot of controversy in the WWE lately, with some superstars walking out and/or no-showing live events. It all started with CM Punk in 2014, then Neville did it last week Monday Night Raw before requesting his release. Nia Jax also did it on this week's edition of Raw, looking for a bigger pay day.

It was also noted that brothers Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas did not appear on this week's Raw either. It's not because of their contract situations, however. According to Justin LaBar of TribLive, the two men have meningitis, and it's caused them to miss television time.


So exhale, WWE fans. Wyatt and Dallas are not planning to walk out and/or leave the company like Neville, Nia Jax, or Ryback.

"Sister Abigail" appeared on the jumbotron to confront "Demon King"" Finn Balor on Raw last week, though it clearly looked like it was Wyatt talking to Balor. As of now, Wyatt is scheduled to face Finn Balor at this Sunday's TLC pay-per-view event.

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Since moving over to Raw a few months ago, Wyatt competed against some of the roster's top talents. He was in a brief feud with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, but has endured a rivalry with Balor for the past three months.

Wyatt has done well in singles competition since the Wyatt Family disbanded, but most of the family has enjoyed some success. Luke Harper and Rowan are still a tag team, while Braun Strowman has become an unstoppable one-man show that even Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have struggled to face.

Fans can only hope that both Wyatt and Dallas recover quickly. Having Balor and Wyatt face off would undoubtedly make for a great match, as both men are building plenty of momentum for each other. It would be a huge disappointment if an untimely illness forced Wyatt to sit out this match.


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