Bray Wyatt Destroys Seth Rollins In Dark Cage Match After Raw [Full Video]

A match that was advertised for Monday's Raw didn't actually take place on television, but later, as a cage match happened where Wyatt destroyed Seth Rollins after the cameras stopped rolling.

Fortunately, one Twitter user (a parody account we're fans of) was at the event and sitting front row. He documented the entire match and it's clear, WWE is all-in on The Fiend as he dismantled Rollins and got the easy pin to successfully defend the Universal Championship in his first title defense.

Thanks to Sliced Wrestling for the video. Hopefully, it stays up. You can also see his Twitter post here on the match. As the show ended, the WWE ring crew hustled into the ring to drop the cage that had been hanging above the ring all night. Rollins was already in the ring after having been in a grueling match with Adam Cole and part of a melee that saw NXT come down to the ring and battle with Raw Superstars.

Whether it was an unfair advantage for Wyatt or The Fiend is just that good, Rollins didn't get much more than a move offensive moves in before taking a clean 1-2-3 pin in the cage and losing the match.

The End for The Fiend and Rollins

Rollins didn't talk much about his loss to the Fiend at Crown Jewel during Raw. This match was likely only on the card because it had been previously advertised to those in attendance who had purchased tickets thinking they'd see Wyatt in action. The clean win, the lack of discussion about these two meeting again and the fact it happened off air, suggests The Fiend will move over to Friday Night SmackDown and feud with someone new, while Rollins will stay on Raw and deal with Triple H and NXT leading up to Survivor Series.

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