Bray Wyatt's Wife Files For Divorce Following Alleged Affair With Jojo

Bray Wyatt's wife has filed for divorce amid claims that the WWE star has been having an affair with ring announcer, Jojo Offerman.

As first reported by the Daily Mail on Monday evening, Bray Wyatt's wife Samantha Rotunda has filed for divorce from her husband of five years. Rotunda's lawyer has reported that the divorce is due to alleged claims from Rotunda that Wyatt has been having an affair with WWE co-worker Jojo Offerman.

The couple have apparently been separated since March after it came to light that Wyatt's phone revealed he had been having 'continuous contact' with the ring announcer and former star of reality TV show Total Divas. Both Wyatt and Jojo are now on the Raw brand together after Bray was drafted to Monday nights as a part of the Superstar Shake-up. According to Bray's lawyer he had actually filed a counter-petition for divorce himself in an attempt to force his wife to keep their separation under wraps.


According to further reports from the Daily Mail, Wyatt has claimed that Samantha had been making 'defamatory statements' about him in an attempt to ruin his reputation. Rotunda's apparent retort to that claim is that Bray is merely trying to 'pull the wool over the public's eyes' as the information about his alleged affair with Offerman comes to light.

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While Bray and Samantha have been married for five years, they've actually been together a lot longer as they were high school sweethearts. They also have two daughters, aged four and six, who will now be swept up in this situation as it begins to get more and more public. Rotunda claims that the separation was sparked a few months ago when Bray allegedly walked out on her and their two daughters back in March of this year.

Affairs and adultery are unfortunately commonplace in professional wrestling due to the nature of the business. Superstars are away from their families for days, sometimes weeks, at a time and will naturally become close with those they travel up and down the roads with. Needless to say, if these allegations are true this will be a particularly tough pill for all parties involved to swallow due to the long-term nature of Samantha and Bray's relationship and their two children at the center of it all.

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