The Fiend Wins Raw The First Pick Of The Draft, Then Gets Drafted To SmackDown

Bray Wyatt's interference in SmackDown's opening match cost Roman Reigns the win. Then both men wound up getting drafted to Team Blue.

Draft weekend is officially underway in WWE for the first time in more than three years. The last time there was a full draft in WWE was during the summer of 2016. Since then Vince McMahon has held a couple of his Superstar Shakeups, and the lines between the brands have become increasingly more blurred. The final straw came when McMahon enforced the convoluted wildcard rule.

Truth be told, WWE was probably just trying to bide its time until this weekend. It knew that SmackDown would be moving to FOX in the fall, and that would be the perfect time to start afresh when it came to separate rosters. That'll be why the two-day draft event started on tonight's SmackDown, and it started with a match between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

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With Rollins representing Raw, and Reigns SmackDown, the former Shield brothers did battle for the right to pick first. With the Universal Champion staring down the barrel of a clean win, the lights in the arena went out, and up popped The Fiend, literally. Bray Wyatt pulled a Kane and emerged up through the mat, dragging Rollins "down to hell."

However, Rollins managed to escape and just moments later, Wyatt was stood at the top of the ramp. After the show returned from an ad break, Michael Cole revealed that Wyatt's involvement in the match meant it ended with Reigns being disqualified. That meant the draft could begin, and Raw picked first. With that first pick, Team Red went for Becky Lynch, and SmackDown's first pick was Reigns.

Raw picked The OC next, and then Drew McIntyre. SmackDown's second pick was the man who cost them the first pick overall, Wyatt. Since Raw is an hour longer than SmackDown, each round will be made up of three Raw picks and two SmackDown selections. 30 Superstars will discover where they'll call home tonight, and a further forty picks will be made this coming Monday on Raw.

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