Watch: Bray Wyatt Debuts Terrifying New Persona On Raw

The fourth episode of Firefly Funhouse aired on Raw this week and things took an extremely sinister turn.

It was only a little more than a month ago when we were wondering what on Earth had happened to Bray Wyatt. The Eater Of Worlds had been missing from WWE TV for six months or more. Then came his triumphant return, but it was not what we were expecting. Wyatt returned to TV as the host of a creepy children's TV show, Firefly Funhouse.

Suffice to say, the unique gimmick has had fans pretty split. Some seem to love it while others just don't get it at all. We here at TheSportster fall very much into the former. Honestly, the Firefly Funhouse segments are personally our favorite thing about WWE's main roster right now. What we have been confused about is where exactly this angle is going, until now.

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The fourth episode of Firefly Funhouse aired on Raw this week, and at the end, things took an extremely sinister turn. Wyatt has shown signs that he is fighting an evil inside, and this week, that evil manifested itself. The mood changed, and so did Wyatt's outfit. He was suddenly wearing striped trousers, a leather jacket, and, the coup de grace, a terrifying evil clown mask.

Wyatt explained that there has always been bad inside of him, but now he knows how to control it. We are assuming this means that for the purposes of competing in the ring, he will be able to unleash his dark side at will. Sort of like The Hulk before Bruce Banner lost the ability to transform into his green alter ego during Infinity War, but a whole heck of a lot scarier.

We were already entirely on board with Wyatt's new gimmick, now we are 100% invested. During a time when WWE feels very paint by numbers, something as different as this is standing out more than ever. That has led to the rest of the roster's loss being Wyatt's gain. We forever live in fear that WWE is going to mess this up, but as of right now, it has been doing everything right in regard to Firefly Funhouse.


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