Bray Wyatt Introduces Confusing Character During Firefly Funhouse

All week, WWE had been promoting a new arrival to Bray Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse and on Friday, they delivered... we think.

The big moment set to happen on Friday Night SmackDown was to be the reveal of a new character as part of Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse. Speculation ran wild as fans tried to take guesses. Would Wyatt be introducing a new puppet? Would he bring in an actual person? Who or what was going to happen?

There were sketches leaked online but there wasn't confirmation those sketches were real. They suggested a woman might be joining Wyatt's band of oddities and many figured it might be Liv Morgan coming back to WWE.

In the first hour of the show, WWE showed highlights of Survivor Series where The Fiend was able to successfully defend his Universal Title against Daniel Bryan. From there, WWE cut to the Firefly Funhouse where Wyatt wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Wyatt then showed off a new Fiend-themed Universal Title in a subliminal message and then asked his fireflies if they wanted to see Wyatt battle Bryan again. He said, "All he has to do is let me in."

While the world watched and waited for the new character to be introduced, it appeared that the Fiend-themed title, was, in fact, the new character.

WWE Shop on social media quickly offered ways to buy the new belt and Twitter, along with other social media platforms commented in total confusion. What exactly is this character? Were fans supposed to believe it was a belt? Or did WWE flat out lie about introducing one? Maybe something else was coming?

Later in the show, Wyatt did return during what was supposed to be a Daniel Bryan promo and delivered another episode of the Firefly Funhouse, where the muscle-man dance ruled the day. There were reptilians in the video that Wyatt said were the real evil of Thanksgiving, but were they the new character?

It was all too weird.

Was That It?

As the final segment of the show came, The Fiend appeared to pull Daniel Bryan under the ring. After Bryan disappeared, The Fiend began to pull bundles of hair out from underneath the ring. Was it Bryan's hair? Was it someone else's? It was confusing, it wasn't what anyone expected and who knows where it's going to go.

The only thing we know is that Bryan has agreed to fight The Fiend one more time, which could mean a big change.

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