Bray Wyatt Makes Big Change To Universal Championship

During Friday’s SmackDown, Bray Wyatt appeared on an edition of the Firefly Funhouse and made a dramatic change to the Universal Title.

The moment The Fiend won the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel, a question many were asking was how it might look that a red title was moving to a blue brand. The question lingered in the background as Brock Lesnar officially moved to Raw and The Fiend was working his way toward Survivor Series in a rumored program with Daniel Bryan. As fans waited to see if that match would be officially announced, WWE snuck in an episode of Firefly Funhouse with the sole purpose of changing the colour of the belt from red to blue.

Wyatt was dressed like a magician and with some magic words, waived a wand over the red title turning it blue. There was no mention of Bryan of The Fiend’s attack last week, just a quick excuse to announce the title alteration.

With that, any doubt that Wyatt might not stick on SmackDown are gone. He’ll be wearing and blue Championship reflective of the blue brand and the red title is no more.

A Last-Minute Decision?

The title change comes at an odd time. It wasn’t long ago WWE unveiled other changes Wyatt made to the title but the colour was not one of them. Almost as if they’d forgotten to do so, WWE snuck a Funhouse episode in with no build and no promotion at all. Typically, WWE announces big changes like this.

Either way, with the changes now out of the way, WWE can focus on who will wrestle Wyatt at Survivor Series. It is expected Bryan will be announced as the opponent on MizTV later in the show.

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