Bray Wyatt Re-Extends An Intriguing Offer To Seth Rollins

Bray Wyatt might be headed to hell with Seth Rollins, but apparently he thinks that doesn't mean they can't be friends.

Earlier this month, a leak revealed that Bray Wyatt will be getting a Universal Title shot at Hell In A Cell. Since Clash Of Champions has been and gone, WWE has now officially booked that match. Seth Rollins will be tasked with stepping into hell with The Fiend, and the mind games have already begun. In fact, they started as soon as The Architect's last title defense came to an end.

After Rollins successfully defended the title against Braun Strowman, The Fiend struck for the first time. The next night on Raw, after the Hell In A Cell match had been made official, Wyatt struck again. This time, he attacked a returning Kane and merely taunted an already downtrodden Rollins.

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Despite all of the attacks and mind games, the deranged Wyatt still believes he and Rollins can be friends. Earlier this year, Wyatt took to Twitter and apologized to Rollins and Roman Reigns for all the trouble he had caused them over the years. The reason for his apology was so he could then suggest he effectively take the place of a departing Dean Ambrose in The Shield.

This week, Wyatt dug up that tweet and reissued the offer to Rollins. The former WWE Champion wrote, "don’t know if you saw this yet, but the offer is still good." Wyatt also included a gif of Rollins saying "let's get weird, baby!" If Rollins were to accept that offer, he and Wyatt would be looking at weird in the rearview mirror. Even if he did, we can't imagine The Big Dog would be on board.

As for Wyatt versus Rollins inside Hell In A Cell, we are cautiously excited. Everything WWE has done with The Fiend so far has been a home run. However, we didn't expect him to be thrown into the World Title picture this quickly. We can't imagine The Fiend with a title, but we also shudder to think that he'll lose this match on October 6. We don't often trust WWE to do the right thing, but when it comes to The Fiend, we currently have faith.

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