Bray Wyatt's New Custom Title Belt Will Cost You A Fortune On WWE Shop

Bray Wyatt has only been the Universal Champion for four weeks now, but he's already made two drastic changes to the title belt.

First, Wyatt introduced a blue Universal Championship belt, replacing the old dominant red color to signify that the title was now on SmackDown Live. But on this week's edition of Firefly Fun House, The Fiend revealed a new custom belt that depicts his mask.

Well, there's good news for fans of both Wyatt and his new championship belt. You can buy it at WWE Shop for a limited time, but you better be ready to throw down bundles of cash.

It's only going to cost you a shiny $6499.99.

The item description even outlines that they cannot guarantee "Christmas delivery," and that order will be shipped out on Dec. 20. It sure seems like WWE.com is expecting a ton of orders for this belt, despite the giant asking price.

On top of that, the item weighs seven pounds. It's 64 inches in length and 12 inches in height. Tom Savini Studios is producing the belts, and each belt ordered will come with a certificate of authenticity.

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It was recently reported that Bryan will undergo a drastic change in appearance now. This could see him shaving off his hair and beard, thus going bald and bringing back his old look from Ring of Honor.

You Have To Be A Super Fan To Buy This

It's hard to justify spending about $6,500 on a custom championship belt of Bray Wyatt here - unless it was made out of gold and diamonds. Any fan who gets this belt will have to be the ultimate super fan of Wyatt. Otherwise, it's impossible to justify spending this much cash on a belt that will only be around for a limited time.

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