Bray Wyatt Teases The Debut Of A New Universal Title

Bray Wyatt is now Universal Champion, and might well debut a custom version of the belt this coming Friday on SmackDown.

If it hadn't have been for the travel issues which led to the unorthodox episode of SmackDown on Friday night, we'd all still be talking about Crown Jewel. More specifically, the ending of Crown Jewel. Bray Wyatt surviving literally everything Seth Rollins had to throw at him and defeating The Architect to become the Universal Champion.

Our jaws well and truly dropped when The Fiend rose up behind Rollins and nailed him with a Sister Abigail. Never in a million years did we think Wyatt would be leaving Saudi Arabia with the Universal Championship. Mainly since that would mean both World Titles would be on SmackDown. That was fixed the following night when Brock Lesnar quit SmackDown and took the WWE Title with him.

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As for the Universal Title, there's one tiny thing about its design that makes it a little unsuitable for SmackDown. Since it was designed to be a Raw-exclusive title back in 2016, it is almost entirely red. That'll stand out like a sore thumb on a show whose decor is all blue. Judging by a tweet from Wyatt over the weekend, the new champion is working on fixing that issue.

The new champ tweeted a photo of himself holding a very different looking Universal Title. Wyatt also tagged Top Rope Belts in the tweet and popped in a question mark for good measure. For those who think the title looks familiar, it's actually one Wyatt presumably had custom made a while ago. If he still has it or has a new one made before Friday, we could see a new Universal Title debut on WWE TV as soon as this week's SmackDown.

New title design in-hand or not, we're certainly hoping to at least see Wyatt on SmackDown this week. The new champion was supposed to be The Miz's guest on Miz TV this past Friday but was presumably one of the Superstars still stuck in the Middle East when the show went live. We are eager to find out who Wyatt's first title challenger will be, and what he will do to any invading NXT Superstars.

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