Bray Wyatt Posts Mysterious And Creepy Tweet

Bray Wyatt's "The Fiend" is one of the most compelling gimmicks to come around in recent memory, and fans are always left wondering what he has up his sleeve.

Wyatt carries many of the same qualities as The Undertaker. He shows up when you least expect it. He always catches his enemies by surprise, and Wyatt often dishes out the most vicious and brutal attacks.

Amid rumors that he was going to stay on Raw, Wyatt wound up being moved to the SmackDown Live brand in Friday's WWE draft. Now, the world is left wondering what Wyatt will do next now that he's back on SmackDown.

Well, Wyatt posted a tweet that may have been an attempt to warn the WWE Universe about what he has planned next. But the tweet carries a mysterious and creepy message, and nobody really knows what he means here.

Of course, the whole point of "The Fiend" is to keep everybody in the dark. Nobody is supposed to know what Wyatt's next move will be.

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Wyatt faced Seth Rollins in the main event at last Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. The Architect lost via disqualification after attacking Wyatt with a sledgehammer - which led to plenty of backlash from the WWE Universe. After all, Hell in a Cell matches always carry no disqualification stipulations. When Wyatt was about to be taken away by paramedics, he got up and attacked Rollins with the mandible claw.

Now, Wyatt will be joining the SmackDown Live brand - and he should certainly help boost the ratings under Fox. And we can't wait to find out which superstar will feud with Wyatt next.

Wyatt Is The Biggest Thing In WWE Right Now

He may not be carrying championship gold, but Wyatt is the best thing in WWE at the present time. Even though he's portraying a villainous role, Wyatt is seeing his popularity reach extraordinary heights (fans in Sacramento were cheering for him at Hell in a Cell). He's the ideal main event heel that WWE has needed for quite some time, and Wyatt will be instrumental in helping the SmackDownproduct reach a whole new level.

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