Bray Wyatt Reacts To Seth Rollins Burning Down The Firefly Funhouse

Bray Wyatt appears to be surprisingly calm consdiering Seth Rollins attacked him and burned down his home on Monday night.

If Bray Wyatt hadn't got into the head of Seth Rollins before meeting him in the ring, the champ's inability to put him down did the trick. The pair's Hell In A Cell match was stopped after Rollins swung a sledgehammer at the head of The Fiend. A controversial decision by the referee, but if you consider what that would do to a person for real, it sort of makes sense.

What freaked Rollins out most is Wyatt leaping up after that hard-to-watch shot and applying the Mandible Claw. Eight days later, the Universal Champion spent the entirety of Raw on the hunt for the Firefly Funhouse. It took Rollins almost the entire three hours, but he found it just in time.

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The Architect beat down Wyatt as the horrified residents of the Funhouse watched on, urging Rollins to stop. The champ then lived up to his catchphrase, striking a match and setting the Funhouse alight. With that, Raw went off the air. Thankfully, Wyatt survived the blaze. However, the former WWE Champion has since revealed on Twitter that poor Ramblin' Rabbit did not make it out alive.

Wyatt's second tweet was one forgiving Rollins for what he's done. "I forgive you. It is my nature to do so, no matter how upset I get. Not everyone here feels this way, however," tweeted The Eater Of Worlds. We're assuming that certain someone who struggles to forgive is Wyatt's alter ego, The Fiend. It's the final part of the tweet that intrigues us most, though. "Quick question: How did you find it? Are you dead?"

As to what that cryptic sign off might mean, that is currently anyone's guess. Perhaps Wyatt wants Rollins to act the way that he is, and is seeing how far he can push the champ before he snaps. As for the unforgiving Fiend, he will get another chance to do some damage, both physical and psychological, to Rollins at Crown Jewel in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Expect something special with the rematch falling on Halloween.

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