Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins Cage Match Announced For The Raw After Crown Jewel

As fans question why Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins will be clashing again at Crown Jewel, WWE has booked a third match between the two four days later on Raw.

Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins' Hell In A Cell match has earned itself the unwanted title of one of the worst matches so far in 2019. The entire point of a match inside HIAC is that nothing but a pinfall or submission can bring it to an end. So when the referee called off the match after Rollins went wild with a sledgehammer, fans were understandably pretty annoyed.

When Wyatt was drafted to SmackDown and Rollins to Raw, most of the WWE Universe likely breathed a sigh of relief. The HIAC debacle reminded many that WWE is indeed capable of ruining The Fiend, and fast. However, shortly after it seemed as if the two's paths would no longer cross, WWE announced a rematch between the two at Crown Jewel.

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If that match announcement angered you, you might want to look away now. The arena in which the Raw after Crown Jewel will take place has revealed that Wyatt versus Rollins will take place for a third time on November 4, 2019. Chapter three will be inside a steel cage and the Universal Title will once again be on the line.

Now, all is not lost. Since the arena is advertising this, it's highly likely that the "main event" is the night's main event. What we mean by that is the match could well happen after the show goes off the air and for the sake of storylines, angles, and the draft, Wyatt will no longer appear on Raw after Crown Jewel and turn his attention to someone on SmackDown.

One of the top comments beneath the tweet above states that this match has been advertised locally for the last couple of weeks. That makes us hopeful that it will be a dark main event for in-house fans only and Wyatt versus Rollins will come to an end at Crown Jewel. That being said, we wouldn't put it past WWE to ignore the draft and continue to let Superstars appear on both shows.

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