Bray Wyatt's Terrifying Promo Reveals Sister Abigail

Bray Wyatt's promo on Raw this past Monday was the strongest suggestion yet that we may be about to discover who Sister Abigail is.

Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor have been battling for a while now. Things really heated up between the pair of them when The Eater Of Worlds actually managed to notch up a win over Balor on Raw, dumping a bucket of paint over him post-match. It was that which coaxed out The Demon, Balor's alter ego, who managed to defeat Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam.

Things didn't stop there though. Balor then claimed that Finn The Man was just as dangerous as Finn The Demon. At No Mercy, the Irishman went about proving that as he prepared to do battle with Bray for the third time. Once again, Balor managed to conquer his latest rival but for some reason, this long feud has been lacking something, that was until this past Monday.


Despite two straight losses to Balor, Wyatt has still been trying to strike fear into the heart of Balor. The first ever Universal Champion came to the ring this week to inform him that it isn't working, but now that might have changed. Bray interrupted via an appearance on the titantron and told Balor to once again bring out his inner demon. This time, however, Wyatt will seemingly be bringing some dark magic of his own. Not only was the infamous Sister Abigail mentioned for the first time in a while, but Wyatt declared her to be alive and even gave us an eerie glimpse of her.


All signs now point towards another match between these two men at TLC, but shockingly if this week's Raw is anything to go by, then we're yet to see the peak of this feud. Fans had likely forgotten how good a Bray Wyatt promo can be. The former WWE Champion just talking gibberish doesn't help anybody, but when his words have a meaning and a purpose like they did on Monday, then they make Bray one of the best Superstars on the mic in WWE today.

The sort-of revelation of Sister Abigail on Monday night could mean a couple of things. We might finally be about to find out who exactly the woman Bray's finisher is named after actually is. Or much like Finn's Demon, Abigail could simply be another side or dimension of the complex character that is Bray Wyatt. Either way, you have our attention WWE.

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