Bray Wyatt's Custom WWE Championship Is Perfect For His Character

Bray Wyatt posted photos of himself with a custom WWE Universal Championship on Christmas Eve and it looks pretty awesome.

Prior to February this year, Bray Wyatt fans had to imagine what The Eater Of Worlds would look like with the WWE Championship over his shoulder. Then inside the Elimination Chamber, Wyatt overcame five other opponents including John Cena and AJ Styles to win WWE's most coveted prize for the first time in his career.

Unfortunately, the jubilation fans felt from that momentous night was pretty short-lived. A little over a month later, Bray Wyatt lost the championship to Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33 in a less than stellar matchup. Since then, the former champion has been treading water somewhat. Wyatt made the move to Raw during the Superstar Shakeup shortly after, and you'd have thought, being a former WWE Champion, would have been in the Universal Title scene. So far though, there has been very little of that.


Wyatt has taken the matter into his own hands though, sort of. On Christmas Eve, The Eater Of Worlds posted photos of himself posing with a custom Universal Championship. He credits Top Rope Belts in one of the tweets and rightly so as the title looks pretty amazing. Wyatt seems to have christened the championship The Title Of The Immortals and also tagged his current rival Matt Hardy in the tweet.

It almost feels like Wyatt is hinting that when he and Hardy do clash they will be battling over this new championship. That seems highly likely considering the number of active championships already present across WWE television. What would be cool is if Wyatt does win the Universal Title sometime in the future that he replaces it with this one while he is champion, much like Stone Cold and John Cena have done in the past with titles.


The ironic thing about all of this is that when the actual Universal Championship was unveiled in 2016, it came under fire from fans. The WWE Universe did not like the design although now it seems to have grown on them. With all that in mind, if Wyatt did carry his own version around instead if he ever wins the title it will likely be greatly received by most fans.

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