Bray Wyatt's Not So Great WWE Win-Loss Record Revealed

Bray Wyatt's win-loss record for his time in WWE has been released, and it makes for pretty grim reading for "The Eater of Worlds" along with his fans.

A lot of people will try and tell you that wins and losses don't matter in present day WWE. To an extent, that's true. Samoa Joe may have lost to Brock Lesnar at Great Balls Of Fire last weekend, but it hasn't made "The Destroyer" any less credible. There has to be a limit though. There's a difference between losing to The Beast and losing to, well almost everyone. Judging by the recently calculated win-loss record for Wyatt, it's more the latter.

Wyatt's exact record since starting in WWE is pictured below, and as you can see it doesn't read well for a man with a WWE Championship reign to his name. Wyatt managed to emerge victorious in just 182 of his 616 bouts—a win percentage of less than 30%. These stats were recorded before Sunday's Great Balls of Fire event and Monday's Raw show, so now Bray has 184 wins. That still leaves him with a win percentage of less than 30%.

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PWStream posted the stats on their Facebook page on Sunday evening just hours before Bray went one-on-one with Seth Rollins, a match that saw the patriarch of the Wyatt Family pull off an unexpected win. To give you something to compare it to, PWStream also posted John Cena's win-loss record a few days later. According to their statistics, "Big Match John" won an incredible 989 of his 1278 matches in WWE leaving him with a win rate of 78%. As if Bray's record didn't look bad enough already.

Bray Wyatt has an aura like no one else currently on the WWE roster, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the powers that be to give him a real chance. At one point, it seemed they were finally on board when Wyatt won the WWE Championship back in February, but even that just turned out to be a transitional reign. Wyatt was once a beloved Superstar that we all wanted to become the next big thing, with some even comparing him to the Undertaker. Now, however, the WWE is now at risk of him being more of an annoyance as he spouts the same gibberish week in and week out without backing it up.

Wyatt's win-loss record will probably not come as a surprise to most fans since he always seems to lose. Actually, the biggest shock is that he came out on top almost 30% of the time. The Raw star has racked up two wins over his latest foe Seth Rollins in the space of a week, so who knows, maybe things are on the up for Wyatt. However, with Rollins set to be the cover star of WWE 2K18, it isn't likely that run is going to last.

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