BREAKING: The Hardy Boyz Finished With TNA - Are They WWE Bound?

In what is seen as a major shockwave across wrestling, Matt and Jeff Hardy will NOT be signing new deals with Impact Wrestling, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. The brothers reportedly felt disrespected during contract negotiations. Sources are saying the brothers had a dal in place back in December, but requested a few minor changes. The deal was supposed to be for one year, but even though Matt constantly checked in, the Hardys were constantly given the run-around.

Eventually the Hardys' lawyer informed TNA they wanted creative control in their deals, but were shot down. One source also said that the Hardys' lawyer quipped to Ed Nordholm of Anthem Sports & Entertainment there was interest from other companies and was told, "Well, tell them to go to WWE then.”

Jeff was insulted by this, but Matt continued talks. They were sent a new contract last week, but it was now a 2-year deal with new terms snuck in. TNA wrote in the deal that the company would receive 10% of all of Hardy's profits outside of Impact.

Matt's lawyer said he'd be a fool to sign, so he informed the company he wasn't interested, but would do the necessary TV tapings to writ off his character. He was then told he was crazy to think TNA would let him on TV without a contract. Impact Wrestling officials are reportedly trying to get the titles back.

So with all that said, the Hardys are now free agents and WWE is in the middle of WrestleMania season. There may be a no-compete clause, but should WWE come knocking for the Hardys?

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