Breaking The Rules: 15 Times Nikki Bella Wasn’t So PG!

Some would find it laughable to consider Nikki Bella underrated but when you dig a little deeper, she really is. Putting her wrestling improvements aside, Bella has created a powerful empire via social media gathering an Instagram following of over six million fans, that’s one of the biggest follower counts for any WWE Superstar.

Along with that, she’s even opened the door to YouTube, gaining huge success on the platform as well with more than 700 K subscribers. Her edgy not so PG ways have gotten her some clicks, as a matter of fact, her most revealing video has almost ten millions views. We’ll discuss that not so PG moment in the number one spot.

As for the other entries on this list, we celebrate Nikki’s edgier moments, taking a look at her entire life, whether it was moments before the WWE, during her FCW run, or moments as recent as a couple of months ago. These are all steamy incidents and things you wouldn’t see on WWE programming nowadays. So without further ado, let’s stop the talk and get to the article. Here are 15 times Nikki Bella wasn’t so PG, enjoy folks!

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15 The Quick YouTube Flash

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Although Nikki seems rather clumsy at times, she most certainly isn’t and that’s especially apparent business-wise. Bella is very smart when it comes to promoting her brand and she’s taken advantage of numerous trends which includes YouTube. With more than 700K subscribers, the Bella Channel has earned great success thus far and it's yet another revenue stream for the twin beauty.

One of her videos went absolutely viral as she celebrated the half a million subscribers milestone alongside her man John Cena. To entice the viewers, the couple celebrated in the nude but don’t get too excited, it was censored for the most part. One aspect that wasn’t censored however took place in the beginning when Bella revealed a little too much in her revealing bathrobe. The picture above is a glimpse of the not so PG shot.

14 Getting Frisky With Carlito

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According to lots of stories from the past, Nikki was a bit of a wild child during her earlier days. She hasn’t been reported to have slept with lots of wrestlers but that didn’t’ stop her from having some fun. This picture shows Nikki looking not so PG as she “entertains” Carlito with her dance moves. At the time, the two were decently close as Bella broke onto the main roster working with The Colons (Carlito and Primo) alongside her sister. The storyline would later expand to Morrison and Miz entering the picture.

That story was basically given to the twins in order to protect them before they actually became full-time performers. Following the angle, they got drafted to Raw and it officially began their in-ring careers.

13 The Nurse Outfit

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Returning to the WWE after a brief hiatus, Nikki Bella was given the chance of a lifetime. Not only did the WWE want her back, but they also gave her the chance to appear as a cast member on one of their new reality shows, Total Divas. It brought the twins back and the show absolutely killed it for the company. In addition, it brought the Bellas fame to new heights.

After six seasons and 88 episodes, we can make the claim that the show has been a success. What has also helped the program is the likes of John Cena appearing from time to time. He’s taken part in some less than PG segments however, particularly this one as Nikki dressed up in a nurses outfit in order to please her man in the bedroom. It wouldn’t make WWE TV nowadays, but thankfully for our eyes, it make the cut on Total Divas!

12 The Photo Leak

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A big story for 2017 has taken place outside of the squared circle. Numerous hacks have seen the lives of several WWE Superstars get exposed. Paige got it the absolute worst, as several pictures and videos of the adult nature were exposed to the masses. Others like Charlotte also got it pretty bad along with a big cast of former WWE stars including Victoria and Melina.

Someone who surprisingly wasn’t affected by the hack was Nikki Bella. Only one picture was made public and it’s the one you see above as Bella seems to be extra sweaty following a steam room session. With her top being fully wet, it exposed her chest area. Some made the claim that the photo wasn’t real, however, even if it is, it wasn’t all that bad compared to her fellow peers. Nonetheless, it certainly was not PG and it likely made several eye sockets turn red!

11 Bikinis In FCW

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Back when the Bella Twins were signed to a WWE deal, the company was still finding talent with an outdated mindset. The priorities were to find talent that looked good and skill was basically regarded as secondary. The same mindset took place down in the company’s developmental realm of FCW. Both Nikki and her sister Brie took part in a slew of bikini contests and the picture you see above comes from that very moment. The content of it all wasn’t so PG and the WWE was truly a different place back in 2008.

The twins would also end up wrestling down in developmental with minimal improvements during their stint down in the territory. Brie would go on to debut on SmackDown defeating Victoria in her first bout with the help of her twin sister. The debut match took place in late August of 2008.

10 Kissing Their Step Dad

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Looking back at this moment today, man is it ever weird. This not so PG moment took place on an episode of Monday Raw during John Laurinaitis’ reign as the Raw General Manager. Yes folks, the WWE was a weird place at the time. Anyway back to the story, the Bellas would enter the room and tell Johnny they hope he hadn’t forgotten about them. John pulls a creepy smile and says oh he hasn’t. The segment ends with both Bellas kissing Johnny Ace on the cheek.

Taking a look at that same segment today, it’s become that much more twisted when you consider the fact that John is their step-dad, marrying their mother Kathy Colace in 2016. It was a not so PG moments all three of those involved want us to forget!

9 A Little Puppy Trouble

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With the WWE being a live product, things can easily go wrong at any point. It’s truly hard to believe how few and far between blunders really are considering how much WWE programming there is per week. Yes, Botchamania has lots of blunders but seriously, when you consider that it’s live and all the content available, the mistakes are really quite minimal.

Along with match blunders, a wardrobe malfunction is just another aspect that can go wrong, especially for the ladies that wear tighter, and more revealing attire. For this not so PG moment, we trace back to Nikki Bella on the outside when boom, one of her puppies popped right out. The camera man wisely zoomed out following the reveal changing camera shots completely. In truth, it wasn’t all that bad, but nevertheless, a PG moment it was not.

8 Not So PG Photo Shoots

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As you’ll notice in the not so PG picture above, Nikki’s chesticles looked much different before her WWE fame. Although we must admit she was still one hell of a smoke bomb maintaining those fantastic curves in all the right places. Before the duo of twins entered the WWE, they worked various shoots of the amateur nature in order to get their names out there. While they looked for a talent agent, the twins worked at a fancy LA hotel as waitresses.

They would end up getting signed to minor gigs such as an appearance on the FOX reality show, Meet My Folks. They even appeared on some commercials. Eventually, their biggest break came after a WWE Diva Search audition. Instead of getting signed to the competition in ’06, they missed the cut only to get signed by the company for a full-time deal a year later.

7 Cleavage on YouTube

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When it comes to selling her brand Nikki is no fool as to what works and what doesn’t. Sister Brie is quite conservative when it comes to her name and the endorsements she takes on, the same cannot be said for Nikki though.

Nicole is much more open to anything as she knows that her sex appeal is a big time seller. Whether it’s on YouTube as you see in this revealing shot, or her Instagram account, Bella likes to flaunt her goods. It attracts the viewer as a hot thumbnail would certainly make someone want to click. The same can be said for her smoking hot Instagram pictures as she has over six million followers, for those keeping count, that’s over one million more than her sister.

6 Shaking It For The People

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This is another not so PG moment from Nikki which took place on her YouTube account. In celebration of 250 K subscribers, Bella decided to shake her junk and as if that wasn’t enough, her wardrobe was the real hero of the clip.

Dawning a not so PG outfit, Bella was not only her self-proclaimed “fearless”, but she was also noticeably “braless”. Also, in all likelihood judging by the way she was shaking it, underpants were also questionable in this video. It was yet another moment that caused Nikki to get some serious amounts of views online and one can only imagine what she has planned for her one million subscriber milestone. Our guess here on The Sportster based on the facts... something that involves minimal amounts of clothing. Please don’t let it be naked Daniel Bryan cross fitting.

5 Nikki Bella > Calvin Klein

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Another one of Nikki’s most viewed videos features herself alongside hubby John Cena, although we have reason to believe that the clip was viewed by nearly two million fans for Nikki alone. When the title reads “Nikki Bella strips down”, that alone in itself is enough to entice any male to click ASAP.

The backstage clip features Bella taking it off... not all off however. She strips down to her Calvins while chilling backstage providing us with yet another edgy video via her YouTube channel. It wouldn’t make the cut on WWE TV but it does on the Bella Channel, in your face Vince! For those of you wondering, Cena is also in the clip as he gets slimmed, but for some reason that’s not featured in the video....(think about it...zing!).

4 Sleeping In The Nude

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Another less than PG moment was clicked by over one million fans as it featured a topless Nikki Bella waking up in bed next to a “stranger”. Turns out that the person next to Nikki was her sister Brie, as if that wasn’t enough to excite the viewer, Nikki also appeared to be topless while sleeping, something she’s ironically done on her channel in the past. Seriously, she got up to get the damn camera, she couldn’t have thrown a shirt on? No, she’s too smart and knows us too well, well played Bella, well played.

We can expect a little more Brie content coming up as Nikki has the bulk of the content due to the fact that Brie was busy pushing a kid out of... yeah, you know. She’s now given birth to her beautiful daughter and we expect more Brie content coming soon.

3 Not So PG With Punk

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Fans are very torn when it comes to CM Punk. Some love him, while others cringe at the very presence of his name and that includes his own peers and former co-workers who are also pretty split when it comes to the man he is outside of the ring.

One thing he managed to do quite nicely during his wrestling days was pick up chicks in his field. Punk dated several former WWE stars including his current wife, the beautiful AJ Lee. This not so PG moment shows Punk and Nikki Bella have some fun as Bella once again grinds away on a wrestler boy. The nature of the picture is not so PG, however, in reality, we believe it was truly only playful, well, at least we hope....

2 The Magical Slip

via thesun.co.uk

As we’ve discussed throughout the article, Nikki is quite clever when it comes to marketing herself via social media whether it be on Instagram, Snapchat or even YouTube. This particular moment caused quite the buzz as Nikki revealed a little too much in this clip, providing us with yet another not so PG moment to add to the list.

So what happened? It’s really quite simple, as Bella went down to pet the family dog, along came down her revealing top, exposing one her magnificent puppies. Of course, Bella got a little enhancement surgery done and she’s not afraid to flaunt the goods. However, this shirt was little too revealing and it just couldn’t hold the fellows together. At the very least, this blunder did not take place on WWE TV cause like, IMAGINE ALL THE SPONSORS VINCE WOULD LOSE! BAH’ GOD (JR voice)!

1 In The Nude With John

via brightcove.com

We touched base on this to start the article and we now go full circle ending the article with this moment that showed Nikki Bella revealing it all, although as we said, it was all censored. Still, the moment was not very PG, and one the fans will likely remember for a while.

The video gained a huge amount of exposure and is by far the most viewed clip on the Bella channel bringing in close to nine million viewers in just about a month. Cena managed to ruin the sexiness of the clip by “ripping one” and killing the vibe but in all likelihood, half of the male audience was watching the clip on mute anyways.

So there you have it folks, those are the not so PG Nikki Bella moments. Remember, “you can look, but you can't touch!”

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