Bret Hart Blasts Eric Bischoff For How He Ran WCW

Bret Hart's time in WCW isn't remembered very fondly, and it seems the former star blames Eric Bischoff for how it went.

It's no secret Bret Hart has issues with certain people in the wrestling industry. Seemingly a very bitter retired WWE Superstar, Hart has never been shy about sharing his often cynical opinion, frequently taking shots at a company he spent some time in (WCW) under the rule of Eric Bischoff. Hart's tenure in WCW wasn't terribly long, but it occurred when the WWE (known as WWF at the time) let Hart leave and WCW gave "The Hitman" big money to try and take WWE down. Bischoff figured Hart was the star that would finally put the nail in WWE's coffin. Unfortunately for The Hit Man, his run in WCW was not a strong one.

Hart has always said he blames WCW for his lack of success. Feeling like they had no idea what to do with a technical star like himself, the company, namely Bischoff, never used him properly. In a recent interview on the Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, Hart laid into WCW and Bischoff again.



He said, "If you had passion for your matches or genius for wrestling talent, it didn’t mean anything to Eric Bischoff. He was the worst loser maggot that ever got into wrestling."

Bischoff admitted in the past that he may have handled Hart's arrival in WCW poorly, but The Hitman's words here are pretty harsh, especially considering it's common knowledge that he never wanted to go to WCW and was a shell of his former self while there. Bischoff has often referred to Hart as a "broken toy" when trying to describe what working with Bret was like. It's a description the former WWE champion has always been hurt by.



The good news for both Hart and Bischoff is that neither will likely ever have to work with each other again. The WWE has no real use for Hart, and Bischoff seems more likely to work for another start-up if he's not doing a WWE original documentary.

These two are old news from the WWE's past, but somehow find a way to stay in the limelight. Bischoff has his own podcast and it's likely he'll have some sort of response.

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Bret Hart Blasts Eric Bischoff For How He Ran WCW