Bret Hart In Heated Court Case After Botched Surgery

WWE wrestling legend Bret "The Hitman" Hart has filed a $1 million lawsuit claiming that a botched surgery on his wrist has led to him not being able to use his right index finger and thumb, according to the Calgary Sun.

Hart says he underwent the surgery two years ago in order to repair an injury that he suffered decades ago.

“In 1981, while performing as a professional wrestler, Mr. Hart injured his right wrist by chipping his scaphoid,” one of eight small bones in the wrist, the document says.

In 2015, Hart decided to visit Dr. Justin Yeung, who specializes in plastic surgery.

“Dr. Yeung advised Mr. Hart that he could perform surgery to repair his right wrist by a partial fusion of the wrist bones,” the lawsuit says.

Hart ended up undergoing surgery in November of 2015. When he returned to have the pins removed just a few weeks after the surgery, he was complaining about pain and swelling as well his thumb and index finger not working.


At the time, Dr. Yeung told Hart to wait and see how things would turn out after his wrist fully healed. He continued to visit the doctor throughout 2016 and still complained about the same problems that he was having right after surgery.

In Hart's lawsuit, he claims that Dr. Yeung and his team failed to give him the proper medical care that he needed at the time.

Hart also accused Dr. Yeung of leaving a tourniquet on his arm too long, which led to nerve and tendon damage, which explains why he's unable to use his thumb and finger.

“He is unable to participate in his previous recreational and social activities,” the statement of claim states, in listing some of the problems Hart has suffered.

“He is unable to use his right hand to pick up and functionally use objects, including pens, pencils, eating utensils and tools,” the claim says.

“He is unable to properly dress himself without assistance.”

In order to repair the botched surgery, Hart underwent a procedure in October, but as of right now, it's unknown as to whether it's helped him or not.

The 60 year-old Hart first started his wrestling career back in 1976 for Stampede Wrestling. In 1981, at the time of when he injured his wrist, he was still a part of Stampede. He didn't head over to the WWF until 1985.



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Bret Hart In Heated Court Case After Botched Surgery