Bret Hart Discusses Backstage Talk With Triple H at Payback

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Bret Hart usually doesn't mince words on how he feels about someone. He's been prone to criticize Triple H many times before, but this time, surprisingly, he had nothing but positives to say. Hart of course was at Payback this past Sunday and he discussed his night backstage on his podcast.

"Triple H was very cordial to me and treated me like a million bucks. He treated me great and I have no complaints about anything. He treated me really good and so did Stephanie for that matter. With Stephanie I felt that she was honestly or genuinely worried about me when I had the cancer. I think she was just really glad to see me....

Hart also talked about seeing Shane for the first time in a while and said Shane was also very pleasant with him, bringing up positive memories that Bret forgot about: I was a very protective guy of Shane years ago when he was just a young guy in the business. I looked out for him a lot and I think it was nice for him to tell me that. That he never forgot how much I looked out for him and protected him from a lot of the vices and evils that were lurking about in pro wrestling."

Bret also discusses his general experience of being at Payback.

You can listen to the full podcast here.

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